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Just Incredible

I just used shrooms for the very first time.

I just used shrooms for the very first time. My first trip was the most amazing experience of my life. I ate a full 8th for my first time along with smoke a few bowls of pot. Everything was so new and exciting to me. I felt an incredible bound with the people and things around me. It did not matter what I was doing for everything was fun. I was warm and fuzzy all over..I wanted to do everyhing that I was thinking of but I couldnt because I loss interest in things as soon as I tried doing something new. This was okay b/c I would just go on to another new and exciting experience. The first time I felt the shrooms working was when I was in my room looking in my mirror and watching my face distort into wild images. There were green pockadots on my walls and I felt like all my stuffed animals were alive and looking at me. Later on I looked at a spoon for what seemed like forever b/c i was watching it bend and twist. I was full of energy and life..all my emotions were twisting inside of me and i just wanted to burst with excitement and joy. I would close my eyes and see what i thought was a light show. When i went to go to the bathroom i screamed b/c i thought someone was behind the shower curtain. Another time I spazed b/c I could not stand the lights on in the room. One minute I would be hot, the next cold. One moment I would want to cry the next laugh uncontrollably. Any curtain I looked at was breathing. While watching tv I had tunnel vision and listening to music was just amazing. The words did not even matter to me..just the sounds and beat made the moment. I smoked an unlit cigarette b/c i thought it was fun and thought I was smoking it for real. Time was of no essence. There were times when I thought I was floating outside of my body and my voice did not even sound like me. My experience was fabulous and no joke the best time of my life!

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