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starfield swimming

This was my second trip on mushrooms, this spring.

This was my second trip on mushrooms, this spring. My first one I had about 3 months before, which was a nice experience, but compared to this evening rather harmless. A friend of mine and I went up to a open air concert on a hill, in a big ancient castle ruin (awesome place!). We placed our tent at the very end of the camping area, just besides the castle walls, made a fireplace and placed a big cow skin and some sheep furs around it, so we had our little, warm lair. We both swallowed 0.75 grams of cyanescens and waited for the trip to begin. My first impressions were an intense mental lightness and some light hallucinations. The flames became pink and sometimes they were flickering, like and old TV set. this went on like that for about half an hour. Then it started. I perceived an incredibly strong light and it seemed, that every object began to melt and deform, when i looked at it. The clouds fluctuated like something plasma-like, formed kaleidoscope-patterns and suddelny began to flow southwards in two big circles. The stars sank down to my level and flowed slowly around my head. The castle walls on my right melted and seemed to be blown away with the wind, and ..this is hard to describe.. became multidimesional. Even the fire seemed to melt and the glowing red bricks dripped, honey-like, to the ground. My friend fell asleep at this time, so I was all alone. Good.. I concentrated my perception on my hand and suddenly it morphed into an hand of a monkey, with long fingers (and no opponent thumb!), then I watched my friend sleeping at that fireplace and he shrinked to the size of a baby. With every moment (as usual.. time became unimportant..i perceived time only in sequences..in verly long lasting moments) thins became more surrealistic and striking. I saw a group of trolls, with big hairy feet and strange clothes walking in line, the first one carried a lantern with a candle in it. I was very surprised to see those creatures - I looked back to our tent, and a little gnome stood in there.It had a strange outter appearance, pale white, no hair but very intense green lights, which i recognized as its eyes. It talked to me, but i couldn't recall it now. It waved its hand to me and talked but i dind't hear anything. I turned and lay down on the ground, my face down in the grass and suddenly the moonlight on the grass started to become a big starfield and it was like swimming in it. everything else i could not perceive, just me and this huge starfield. I had a very strange, almost intimate experience with the fire. At one moment it seemed like i was watching me from outside, just me sitting in front of the fire in a big black universe. I rotated around my body and the fire.
I didn't understand anything. I didn't have msuhrooms since then - every now and then i have memories of this evening and i start to understand...

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