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Out Of Body

After smoking quite a few bowls of bud,i felt the effects hit me hard.

After smoking quite a few bowls of bud,i felt the effects
hit me hard.While i was holding the smoke from my last
toke,i forgot to breathe,and how to.After i got that
covered up, me and my friends all went into another
room(i thought i heard a knock at the door, but was my
friend's hand on the wall).I layed down on the bed,and
watched my two friends change into amazing shapes.
The ceiling was caving in with spikes,down to the floor,
and i was out on the bed.....Hmmm...what to do :).

As i was laying on the bed, my two friends left,and that
is when i got my Out-Of-Body experience.My mind
literally left my body, and went somewhere else.I felt
like i had no body,i didnt have a body.My mind was in a
zone i will call Limbo.Nothing.Nothing was there other
than my mind(a life force).I totally forgot where my body
was,and i even had a body.My mind was at peace,i
wanted to stay in Limbo,and the way i was for the rest of
my life.

After that,my friend came in and got me out of th trance.I
then made me move out of the bed,so then i went into
the room we were previously in.I layed on that bed.That
is when my kidneys started to burn,real bad.Almost to
the point where i wanted to punch myself.Well, my
friend could tell that something was up,so his g/f got
me some water(mixed with milk)and brought it to
me.She then went forward with spilling it all over me,but
i didnt even notice she spilled it on me,until my friend
started to clean it up.

After that,i went into the living room,and about 10 or 15
minuets of just chilling in there,my dad came up and
picked me up.

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