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new years massacre

this was new years eve going on 2000.

this was new years eve going on 2000. Me ,my friend craig, and joe each purchased an 1/8th of psilo. cubensis each from a friend of ours in front of a dollar tree store. after we got our shrooms we drove back to craigs house. we each set our 1/8ths on the table and chewed them up. then we watched some tv while waiting for the effects to start. about 15min later i noticed my visuals were distorted. i was looking down at the ground and it seemed 20 ft down to the floor and the floor was breathing, after that i went into the living room where i was confronted with satans demons. skulls and demonic visuals were coming through the walls and the floor, i told craig to turn off the tv because it was scaring me, but he wouldnt no matter how hard i tried to reason with him. i went out onto the front porch, and joe followed me were having a ciggarette while he was telling me that everything was okay. i followed him back into the house and up the stairs into craigs room, where i laid down on his couch and meditated. smoke and fog were all around me and joe turned into satan, i was scared shitless!! so i mustered up all the guts i could just to run out of the house, jump on my bike and pedal my ass off to get away as fast as i could. i was trying to think of different places to go that would be safe for me to trip at, i then thought of this girl adrianne, she lived close by so i went there, as i got there , there was people dressed as withces. kind of freaked me out, i told her i was bemushroomed and that the devil had possessed my friends. she just laughed and told me to come inside. i was meditating and when i opened my eyes i saw black ivy patterns all over her room. i closed my eyes and had a struggle with my soul and satan and i eventually won. then i left her house and rode downtown and spent the remander of the year with some friends i met downtown. the next day joe and craig told me that they had a good trip but nowhere near as powerful as mine. this about 2 years ago, that was my last shroom trip. i hope to do some more soon, peace


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