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The model


Okay...so this is my story...

Last October my friends and I decided to eat some mushrooms at a local park in Spokane, Washington named Cliff Park. This park has I huge adobe type cliff thing in the center that you can walk up too. It's awesome.

So anyways...we each eat an eight of shrooms at around four o' clock. It's beginning to get dark. The way up was somewhat intimidating...I've eaten shrooms many times, but I always feel uncomfortable and filled with anticipation on the come up. I satisfied this by smoking a few bowls with my friend travis and listening to some Dave Matthews Band in my car...which totally got me ready for a great adventure.

When we got out of the car around an hour later I was beginning to trip. I could see strong visuals. The trees were coming alive, but everything was happy. The sunset could be seen as we hiked to the top of the adobe. A set of around 150 stairs or something led the way to the very top. This was amazing. Standing at the base of the stairs we looked up and the light from the sunset shown perfectly upon the top. We were in awe. It looked as though we had come across the entrance to heaven...or happy land...or something. The stairs were glowing white as we made our ascent. Once on top we were laughing hysterically and just went running around. We ran into our friend...who I'll call "Lomer." He said he had found a new buddy and told us to follow him. We did as he said. He led us to a hole in the rock wall that surrounded the steep drop down to the ground. Inside he told us there was a hobit who's name was Randy. We began laughing as "Lomer" chatted with this supposed hobit. He got so excited that he began dancing...but there was no music...and then he ran to the top of the hill that descended to the rock wall and began rolling down it filled with laughter. We saw no hobit, and could not stay. We walked across the adobe to the other side. What we saw there was almost indescribable. The other side faced a very quiet and beautiful area with the sunset. This side was the exact opposite. Below you could see a busy street with many cars driving. The sky was almost black on this East end at this point and all of the trees and grass were a pale yellow and dead. I felt an evil presence at this side. The message we conveyed was that humans are destructive and careless creatures. We did not like this place...so we ventured back to the beauty of nature. We had probably started our peak at around this time...because it was about 5:30.

We wanted to do some more exploring...and without really saying anything to each other...travis and I just walked down off of the adobe. Once at the bottom we made our way to the street, and began to embark on one HELL of a crazy journey. Walking down the street, the horizon looked like painting...as if I was just going to bump into a wall. We neared a street light, as it was dark now. I had begun hallucinating...nothing looked real. Everything was dancing and was so happy. As we reached the street light we noticed it had begun to rain. We stopped and sat in the street and just sort of tried to talk, but couldn't really. We were in awe due to the rain. After a few minutes we got up and began to treck on. Rounding the next corner, we came to a part of the road that I noticed something strange about. The pavement had been the victim of ware and tare, and it had created a clay like formation of waves leading up to a beach. I showed travis, and we stared at it...I was convinced that it was some sort of fossil or something of a beach, and that a lake must have used to be there (obviously a shroom thing)...I was so happy it was insane!

We trecked on...moving into a neighborhood with giant houses that were really old. They looked like some sort of thing you would see on a model. With vines growing upon them and what not. We stared at the houses and realized that there was absolutely no noise. At that moment...the street light above us flickered off, my cell phone rang, and travis's pager began beeping!! All at the same time!!! This was so mind blowing and too much to take in!! (After sobering up we realized that the coincidence was just that our friends had no idea where we disappeared too, and were freaking out thinkin we had died or something)...We couldn't handle the outside influences of cell phones and what not at this time, so we just set them in a bush and walked on (stupid huh?).

We came to a street corner, and noticed a garage door opening from a house. A bright light emitted from the door and we saw what looked like a greyish whit alien creature emerge from it. This was where things became freaky...but only for a moment. We stood there frozen in the middle of the street just staring at the (guy) alien and didn't move. He walked out toward us and travis whispered to me that we should run...I said no...it won't hurt us if it can't see us. It got really close and I just sat down in the street and put my hands over my eyes as trav backed away. By the time I opened my eyes I saw what was now a man walking back into his garage carrying two garbage cans (we must have looked like idiots)! Trav came up to me and said let's get out of here. We kept walking and became fixated upon the houses again....We approached the end of the road which opened into a pull-off on the side of the road called "Cliff Drive," this was chaos.

We walked up to the cliff that overlooked downtown Spokane. There were people all around! Car stereos booming, traffic, lights, helicopters...it was so much to take in compared to the dead silent street that was only twenty feet away. Looking down at the city I saw all of the tiny cars and buildings and lights and realized that it was as if we had walked out of a model...where we were tiny people and were now giants looking down at the model. I looked behind me and could see the deserted dark street with no chaos. Then turned and looked at the bustling city with all of the crazies in their cars next to us. We wanted to go back to our private model.

All this time my hallucinations were nuts. Everything was moving and it felt like I had been shrooming for a month, but it was only 7:00!! I decided that I hated humanity and it's destructive, selfish nature. Walking back towards the park...we passed the places that we had seen such strange phenomenon at earlier. As we walked I heard a ringing from a bush (it was my cell phone, but at the time I forgot that i put it there and had no idea what it was)...I saw a blinking red light and pulled my phone out. My phone pissed me off. Anything related to the fast paced, gotta get my money and work until I die, world was pissing me off. I was so fucked up that I just began throwing it at the ground and smashed it into little peices, as did travis with his pager!! I felt as though by smashing my cell phone I had no links to the terrible "regular" world.

We walked back to the original first street light that we had encountered earlier, and realized that it was raining again. Was it only raining under this street light? Because it was raining here before we remembered, but the rest our journey was rain-free! We could not figure it out, but when we left the street light it seriously must have stopped raining again, because we wandered back into the park and there was no more rain!!

At this point I was beginning to come down slightly. We walked back up to the top of the adobe and found our friends sitting there completely freaking out. They were joyful upon our return and very much releaved. We tried to tell them of our journey, but seeing as we were all still shrooming, they wouldn't listen. Travis and I just kept looking at each other...we both wanted to go back out into our quiet peaceful world...our model...but we couldn't, for our peak was done.

Coming down was also great...smoking a few bowls, we all talked of our adventures...then I realized what I had done with my phone!! Dammit...I was pissed!! $100 down the drain...oh well, it was worth the experience.

To this day, this was one of my greatest trips. Almost as if the journey was set up for us beforehand. I have had a trip that I think I would classify as a level 5. This is not it...though extremely crazy...I still had a slight touch of reality...my level 5 is just a blur of emotion and colors pretty much.

Travis and I bonded heavily on this journey, and to this day, we talk about our model world every time we visit the area.

Thanks for reading...hope you liked it!!

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