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Shrooms and Sex

Ok, this is how one of the best nights in my life started.

Ok, this is how one of the best nights in my life started. I have been doing shrooms for a long time now and I recentley grew some p.cubensis. Anyways there was this party at my friends house that we had beeen planning for a long time{there were 5 guys and 3 girls}and I brought a little less then an once of shrooms. The party started out with smoking some bud and then I remembered the shrooms! I took the shrooms out and the fun began.

I gave each of the girls about 2.5 grams each, me and the guys took 3-4 grams each and we all downed them with some OJ. We were all just sitting there for about 20 minutes and the shrooms didnt kick in right away, so we decided to smoke some bud that one of my friends brought. The 8 eight of us smoked about 6 bowls out of my friends bong and thats when the shrooms hit us hard. We were all just sitting there talking about the shit we were seeing, I was seeing all sorts of shit. The wall just kept on breathing in and out, It felt like I could hear it saying something to me. I decided to look at something else, so I looked at everyone in the room. I looked at this girl Angela who I have had a crush on for a long time, her pants were melting into the floor,it was crazy, then I noticed she was waving at me it was like she was in slow motion. I just stared at her in amazement, then she got up and there was this beautiful blue glow surrounding her body, she came and sat down on my lap and we started kissing, she must of had the same feeling I was having because one thing led to another and we went in another room together, we started making out on the bed and I was tripping really hard right now and only an hour had passed since we dosed. I looked around for a minute and noticed the wall had all these clear shrooms floating around on it. At that moment I wanted her so bad and she wanted me because we ended up having sex. It was a great feeling having sex on shrooms, when we were doing it I looked around and all sorts of shrooms started growing from the ground and walls it was fuckin crazy. After me and her did it we came back in the room sort of embarassed not knowing what we had actually done. I looked at the time and about 3 hours had passed since we dosed, I felt great. I was still tripping hard and so was everyone else. I decided to go outside and smoke a ciggerate. As I smoked the ciggerate the smoke looked so cool, it was making faces of demons and shit like that. I came back inside layed down with angela. Everyone started walkin around and I saw all sorts of different colored traces as they got up. About a good 5 hours had passed and I was coming down. A few people had to leave but most of us slepped over, I was so tired, so me and angela went in the other room and slepped together, I think I fell in love with her that night, but I`m glad because that was the best night of my life. good shroomin to all.

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