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Ok heres my story, after being into drugs for many years I decided that I wanted to grow some shrooms.

Ok heres my story, after being into drugs for many years I decided that I wanted to grow some shrooms. I searched the web for all the best shroom sites(this happens to be one of them). I had a passion for shrooms, ever since I took them I just loved them. Anyways I found a site called shroomwizard.com, its a really great site for people interested in shrooms. Eventually I ended up buying spores from this site. About a week or so after I sent the money they arived in the mail. My mom asked me what it was and I told her that they were spores to grow shrooms. You would think that she would be mad and dissapointed in me, but my mom is really cool, she even took me to the store to get the supplies I needed to grow the shrooms. After I grew all of the shrooms I picked them and dried them out. I would say I grew over 10oz(dried). Anyways you probably want to hear about the trip, so here it goes.

I decided that I wanted to go to school tripping, so I brought about 6 grams of the Psilocybe cubensis that I grew. I asked my friend Ben if he wanted to trip with me because we had a few classes together, he was like fuck yeah! So before we went to school me and him downed about 3 grams each with some OJ. After that me and him took off in his car and smoked a bowl. We got to school about 10 or 15 minutes early so we decided to smoke a couple more bowls. After that I was pretty stoned and I totally forgot about the shrooms. I didnt have a 1st or 2nd period so I usually go get high or go to the computer lab and search the web. I was pretty stoned so I didnt know if the shrooms were coming up or not. The bell for 2nd period rang and the shrooms didnt kick in yet. During 2nd period I stayed on the computer for awhile and noticed the shrooms were kicking in, the computer lab at my school happened to be in the library, and all of the books in there were tripping me out. There were about 6 rows of books on each shelf of the library, and each of the shelves would sway back and forth in different directions, then I looked at all the computers in the lab. Most of the computers had blue backgrounds on there screens, so when I looked at them they came out of the computer as a blue/clear cube. Then the cubes were floating around the library going through the shelves and people. I could tell everyone in there was looking at me strange so I decided to leave. Just as I left the bell rang for 3rd period. I made it to my 3rd period and just sat there for awhile and put my head down. Everyine was trying to talk to me and they were bugging the fuck out of me, I didnt know what was going on, everything was going to fast for me. Then my teacher told me to leave because I smelled like bud and he thought I was on drugs(which I was). So I went to the smokers spot all by myself, because it was still 3rd period. I sat there smoked a ciggerate and had a great time just looking at the smoke, the bell rang for lunch and every went up to the smokers spot, we smoked some bud and I was really fucked up, the trees were making all sorts of scary faces. Then out of knowhere my girlfriend shows up, I was so happy to see her, I just wanted to be with her the rest of my life at that time, she was the only thing that seemed real at that time. The bell rang for lunch to end, and my girl told me to ditch the rest of the day and go to here house because knowone was home. I said why not and me and her walked to her house, as I looked at the sky I noticed it was a rainbow color and everything else seemed so dull,the street that we were walking on looked like it was going 100 milles an hour everything seemed so intense and then it all setteled down once I stepped into my girls house.

When we got to my girls house we started making out, as we were kissing it was like I was brought back to reality. Then she told me she wanted me. So me and her had sex and it was great I dont think I will forget that day for the rest of my life, and remember if you want to get some good info or spores on some good ass shrooms go to shroomwizard.com, good shroomin to all.

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