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So Small!

This trip took place about the middle of november, while it was still mildly warm.

This trip took place about the middle of november, while it was still mildly warm. The weekend before I had tripped with a new friend for his first time. We each ate 1.5 grams of what looked like liberty caps. It was a nice light feel good, explore the golf course at night trip. Aaron handled it well. The following week he got bold. Aaron wrote one of his mom's boyfriends checks out to another friend for 180.00 bucks. We cashed it and bought a 1/4 of shrooms (probably an 8 gram bag) and a 1/4 of green bud. we rolled and smoked a joint while I checked out the bag. Definetley P. Cubenis and almost all aborts for some reason. Anywhoo we split the bag evenly and munched em down with a glass of sunny D. Less than 5 minutes later I was feeling sooooooo....... restless that I had to check the clock. We wetre both pacing and starring out mild to moderate visuals in stuff. Once I was sure we were in for one hell of a ride ( I swear these were the most suprisingly strong shrooms I have ever eaten, my 4 grams was equal in my opinion to an 8 gram trip I had before) I decided to drive us over to my house while I still could. That and the bugs bunny automated santa clause ornament on the top of his christmass tree was really giving me the fear. So we pull up my condo village. I explain to Aaron that the people downstairs are old, nosey, and prone to calling the police on me for smoking pot on the upstairs porch. Plus I know they watch me addimently whenever I pull up. Aaron decides to hide the gallon of gin he has under his sweatshirt and the weed in his pocket. I talk him down into a reasonable fashion and we step out of the car. Before I even come around the car I hear a "Whoomp" ound coming from Aaron. He exclaims as I come around "Oh god why is everything so small"! He has apparently dropped the liquor (plastic bottle) and it has rolled under the old peoples van. I should note that were both underaged. He quickly runs up the stairs to my locked door and frantically begins whailing about micro machines etc. and starts clawing to get in. I carefully and painstakingly crawl under the van and retrieve the alchohol. Just then I look up and see Aaron fumbling with the bag. I try to quietly tell him to put it away as I rush for the stairs. The old lady openss her door and starts bickering and asking questions that I can't understand. I wanted to ask her why her face was so deformed but I refrained. And switched to running up the stairs. What happened next took very long to sink in as it was so stupid and ironic that my brain refused it at first. Aaron reaches over the balcony above the lady to show me he still has the bag, instead he drops it. Here's the truly amazing part. She either didn't notice or was so stunned she didn't care. It fell about 6 inches from her face and lay at her feet. She yelled something else at me and I responded with a quick "polease no trouble we want nothing"then she walked away inn disgust. I let Aaron in and retrieved the weed. I spent the rest of the night gratefully watching him pet an imaginary lizard on his chest. The lesson here is if anything that can go wrong will... shrooms both intensify this and somehow save your ass.....

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