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Took too much(long)

I had been really excited to trip for the first time.

I had been really excited to trip for the first time. I was a hallucingic virgin really.. I had never done any shrooms or acid, despite trying most other drugs available. So I did my homework and figured out how to grow these potent little guys.

I went thru the whole growing process up to the point where I needed to case the cakes. In that time I had harvested roughly 20 grams of dried shrooms. I had a lot of friends eager to try them so I sent a couple buddies a few grams each, saying I didn't have very much. I was probably being way to greedy and it would have been better for everyone involved if I had given away more because I had decided I was going to split what was left with a buddy of mine and we would have a really awesome trip.

Anyway the time came where I actually had a Friday night where I didn't have to do anything the next day and I thought now was the time to take them. I gather up the remainder of the crop(about 14 grams) and start the drive out into the country where my buddy lives. This was about 8 PM. I get there and we discuss how we are going to plan the trip and what types of things we want to do. He is married and his wife was supposed to be returning in about an hour. The original plan was wait till the wife gets home and then tell her we are going out for a bit.(she would freak if she knew he was going to trip).

Well we passed the hour by smoking some weed, but I didn't smoke too much I wanted my system to be under the effects of the shrooms alone so I would get a pure experience and know exactly what their effects were without mixing them. Well the wife hadn't arrived yet. Another one of our friends call and ask us to meet them at a resteraunt for some coffee. My buddy explains that we had other plans but that they are welcome to come out and play some cards. Why he said this I don't know, it kind of ticked me off because that friend was not aware we did shrooms either, and having more people over meant we would have to wait until later to take them.

Well it was almost 10:00 when his wife comes home, and a half hour later the other friend showed up. His wife really likes to play cards and so that's what we did for about an hour and a half. The friend that had came out had to leave on a long drive in the morning so she couldn't stay too late.

After she left around 11:30, my buddy explained to his wife that we would be leaving for a bit. We had another guy be the sober one among us and he was the designated driver and off we went.

First stop was a state park that had a five mile hiking trail. Keep in mind this was decemeber and it was pretty dang cold. We had brought a flashlight warm clothing and a big jug of orange juice, and a camcorder. It was too dark for the camcorder and deciding that one of us would fall and break the camera we left it in the car. My friend convinced my 7 grams each was way too much espically since it was my first time. I argued and we reached an agreement. We'd take 3.5 grams each and then later the other half if we thought it was a good idea.

So I attempted to eat the shrooms.. The taste was so incredbilly nasty I had to struggle fighting my reflex to puke them up. I would pop five or six and swallow them like pills with the orange juice, there was no way I was going to be able to stomach chewing them as bad as they tasted. We set off down the hiking trail and remember it is still deer season and in the unlikely event that some overzealuos hunter might be in the state park trying to bag one at midnight we should be careful. I had drank a lot of the orange juice but was trying to conserve it because I knew I couldn't handle the second half without something to cover the taste. We walked for about half an hour before my buddy started remarking on how beautiful everything looked. We had to decided to switch the flashlight off and rely on the moonlight to guide us the rest of the way.

At this point we stopped on a log and smoked a joint. I only took a few hits because again I was after the pure effects. About the time my friend reported seeing colors and auras around us I was getting pretty pissed because I felt nothing. He seemed like he was having so much fun looking at everything as if for the first time. About 45 minutes into the trail we found this huge boulder and found a way to get to the top of it.

We sat there for probably an hour which totally pissed off the sober guy because he said it was way to cold to be sitting out in the middle of the woods he wanted to progress down the rest of the trail which made a loop back to our vehicle. The rest of the trail was still over four miles long.. There was moss on top of the rock which my buddy was tripping out on pretty good and it was dark enough he was paranoid about falling off the edge of the boulder because he said it blended in with the dark. I was jealuous of the effects he was having and stated that I was going to go ahead and drop the other 3.5 grams, but against the advice of my frineds.

This time I chewed them the best I could again having to fight the gag reflex. Well it was only about 5 minutes later I noticed my ciggerette seemed to leave a little light trail behind it. I was excited they were finally kicking in. I felt hyper and could no longer sense the cold. The relative quiet of the secluded woods seemed to come alive with noises of my friends footsteps and actions. The sober guy was standing up and I was sitting down on the boulder. The full moon hung in the sky behind him. I noticed he seemed to have an aura about him like he was glowing around the edges. I had almost finished off the gallon of orange juice at this point saving only a few swallows for my buddy if he decided to take his second dose. We stayed on there a few moments more and I was really starting to trip. I found little bits of moss and gravel on top of the now strangely textured boulder and said look a wagon train! For a moment it seemed like there were little minature horses pulling little tiny wagons along in a long line. They finally convinced me to stand and we made our way back to the trail and began to walk. The going was slow as I was surrounded by things I hadn't noticed until that point. The trail had alot of rocks with not much grass or foilage. The rocks seemed to glow bright silver onder the moonlight. You could look up ahead and see the bright trail fade into the surrounding woods. Alot of the trees which had no leaves seemed to take on really cool shapes and formed outlines againt the dark sky.

At one point my buddy was tripping pretty hard becuase he was talking to this rather large tree and went up and hugged it. For some reason I thought that was funny so I ran up to the tree and pretended to hump it. This was a mistake because we all fell down laughing about it, and the sober guy again was mentioning the cold and how we needed to go. So onward we went, I for some reason was citing lines out of movies that seemed to make sense(to me) in the conversations we were having at the time.

After what seemed like only a few minutes, but had to have taken a couple of hours we arrived back at the vehicle. I still hadn't reached my peak, but the ride to the next destination was extremely scary to me. The driver trying to amuse us peeled out of the gravel lot and onto the road. I lost it and was screaming like a little baby telling him to slow down. Things along side the road were moving way to fast and making me very dizzy. They tell me I screamed the whole way to the beach area of the park even though he never exceeded 35 MPh.

Feeling much relieved when we stopped I hurried out of the car and down onto the sand of the beach where I immediately laid down to stare at the stars. They seemed to be moving and changing color and intensity. I could of stayed there for hours. At one point I was banging the back of my head into the sand with a resounding thud. It took them a few minutes to realise I was doing that. I don't know why I did it just seemed like something that would amuse them. I stated I was making the sand contour to my head creating a comfortable spot. They said I would have a hella headache... They were right.

Every so often I would muster the strength to lift my head up and look out on the lake which had some whitecaps on the surface. I would trip really hard on them and be all excited asking everyone if they had seen them. They responded we have been here forty minutes and you just now noticed the lake??? It was strange but until then yes I was oblivious to the water. Again the cold became an issue to our driver so we decided to head to the car and look out over the lake and listen to some tunes. I know I have listened to Simon and Garfunkel many times before, but they never sounded so awesome, so enchanting.

It was now close to 3 AM and the driver was pretty tired and my buddy had started coming down. The driver had leaned his head against the glass in the window of the car and had closed his eyes listening to the music. At this point my trip focused mainly on him, I had the notion that for some reason he was crying. He obviously wasn't but from the back seat I couldn't tell for sure. It was as if every word in those songs seemed to relate to death dying and being alone. This man had a very hard life and had recently lost his wife. I was sure he was just sobbing as we listened to the music. I thought it was cool if he needed to get some emotions out I was just wishing he had picked a better time to do it. I becoming very concerned and unable to focus on anything else no matter how hard I tried asked my buddy up front if he was ok. My buddy told me to relax he was just doing his thing. Now I'm thinking what he means by his thing... Was this something he always did when he listened to this music?? Now I'm questioning his emointal stability as my vision seemed to want to meld everything in the car into one big multicolor smear. I found out later all my distress was for nothing as he had just had his head down jamming to the music the whole time.

I was still tripping extremely hard and they didn't want to take me back to his house in the state I was in for fear I would wake his wife and she would panic. I remember smoking a lot of ciggarettes as we sat in the car.. I don't however remember unrolling the window to flick them out. Now I was paranoid I had stomped a bunch of cigarettes out on his floor mats and he would be pissed. I lacked the strength and vision to see if they were indeed on the floorboard so I brought it up to the group because I din't want them to think I was trying to hide anything if I screwed up. I pretty much had lost all my sensory capability and felt like I was out of body becuase I couldn't tell how I felt anymore. I couldn't sense temperature, sense of touch was gone. I didn't know if I was hungery or even if I had to pee. So tactfully I stated to the group in a quivering voice remanesant of bobcat goldwater, "hey man I'm pretty messed up, so if I pissed in your seat and put my ciggarettes out on your floor mats I apologize." This aroused a lot of laughter by all. I am pretty sure they thought I was joking and I was about the pissing part(which I was, I think), but was fairly serious about the cigarettes.

After the little green glowing globb on the dash revealed to my friends that it was 5 AM they decided to head to the house and hang out in the garage and maybe get some food. The car ride there didn't differ much from the previous one in that it freaked me out to no end.

We arrived and went to the sofa in the garage and smoked another joint. One of them lit a candle and it seemed to draw my attention away from the concrete floor which seemed to be crawling with thousands of imaginary ants and assorted insects. I stared at the flame for a good thirty minutes. I had started to quiet down from fatigue as I had been up since 6 AM the previous day. My buddies kept asking me if I felt like reality was coming back, I was trying to grasp it but had answered honestly no. This was not good news for them. They wanted to sleep but didn't want me to be alone in the state I was in. I told one of them to go ahead and go to bed that I'd be ok. He listened and went to sleep. I sat with the other guy in the garage until it was 7 AM and sunny outside. I felt bad for him as well so I told him that I felt better now and would be able to drive soon so I went out to my car and let him get some sleep.

I had intended on just sitting in my car until I really felt like reality was back but when I got out there it seemed the idea of driving might be fun. I put the key in the ignition and started up the car and drove slowly out of the gravel driveway on to the asphalt road. The road looked like a silver neon which is by no means a natural color. Other cars going the opposite way were blurs of color I couldn't tell a van from a compact car. I was extremely tired and wanted to go home and sleep.

I got home about 8 AM and laid down on the bed still fully clothed. I shut my eyes but the vibrant colors were still dancing in front of me. I laid there until 10:30 AM unable to sleep and scared reality wasn't coming back. I made my way to my couch and dedcided to watch TV. I lacked the motavation to change the channel and it was on some horror movie which didn't help my mood. I shut it off a half hour later. I was starting to panic wondering if I needed to go to the hospital becuase my stomach was hurting I had a hell of a headache and I thought my ankle was sprained.

I pondered the thought of death and overdose and realised that was no state of mind to be in at this time, so I tried to clear my head and think of nothing. I just laid there staring at the cieling closing my eyes every so often to see if the colors had gone yet. At around noon the colors were gone when I shut my eyes and an intense hunger set in. I forgot I hadn't eaten anything the previous day and was going on 36 hours of not eating anything.. This alarmed me and I thought about cooking something, but couldn't think of anything convienent enough and I lacked energy to get up anyway. So I fell asleep instead.

8 PM I awoke and made some dinner and went to bed again.

I know this was extremely long, but I tried to report most of the events worth notating- at least the ones I feel I could attempt to describe as honestly as possible. I learned 7 grams(dried) is too much for a first time espically with a gallon of orange juice. The day after the trip I swore I'd never do them again mainly because of the agony I was in after I got home and the negative tone the trip took, but reflecting back on it again I know I will be doing them again maybe in a month.


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