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reborn tripper

Well the last time I tripped I had a bad experience so this time I was nervous as hell which in itself could cause you to have a bad trip.

Well the last time I tripped I had a bad experience so this time I was nervous as hell which in itself could cause you to have a bad trip. I had some wine before I tripped to take the edge off and that it did. I started to feel really really heavy and just could not sit still (really bad combo). I put on some music to get the feel right and bam! the shrooms were kicking in big time. I had Magical Mystery tour in the air I started to get all happy. I sat down on my sofa and I looked at my weird poster on the wall only to see it start bobbing to the beat. The poster is a weird image of a spiral spikey thing and the spokes of the image started to move in and out to the beat it was rediculously amazing. So I back up from the poster and I knocked over toothpicks all over the floor which in normal circumstances would suck b\\c you have to pick them up, but they fell and taught me that I should have a new found respect for art. The toothpicks started to mold into the other picks making an insane image, like a connect the dot thing with the ends of the toothpicks. I tried not to touch it so I could see it the next day but later stepped all over it without knowing. So then I see one of my shirts on the floor and he too started to move and I felt bad not devoting more attention to my shirts so I picked it up and we started to run together and dance and jump for joy. Then one of the sleeves was hooked on my shoulder and it was hanging so I looked down to see the shirt and it was "floating" in mid air not having any idea how it was hanging I just stared in awe, it was the happiest moment me and my shirt spent together. After spending time with my shirt I went over to my plants and opened up the conversation flow. So I learned that Jennifer and Bobby are not the best of neighbors so I had to seperate them and Sam really wants more water. I tried to be giving to my plants but I guess there is always something more they could use. After getting to know my plants better I decided to ask time why he flys by so fast and he really had no comment as a matter of fact he waits for nothing, apparently not even my question. Then I ran through the grass fields (my carpet is green) to the other side of my house and went from happy music to downright weird. So I stepped into Pink Floyd territory. And it really goes to show how much music sets your mind-frame. I just sat on the grass watching the music fill the air and the guitar stokes started to speak then the drums started to speak and I was singing along! I then realized how right they were, they had explained everything to me in that one jam session suddenly it was all clear(even though there are no words in that song) I had a new found respect for life. At the intermission (I thought it was a concert) everything seemed so clear and I had understood everything that was anything...ever. I also realized that I was a soul just floating around and I didn't know where my body was. It didn't matter though, I was my soul, for once I felt like a spirit rather than a body, very zen-like. I had just found Jesus!, because in this world noone is sure of the afterlife and where we go......except me, I was already there, I was my soul! And now I was at peace with myself. So I sat down because the band was comming back on stage. I started thinking about the time of year and how happy I was. Then I started to think about what time of year it was and realized I didn't know. I did't know what day it was, then I didn't know what week it was, THEN I didn't know was a week WAS. I was confused again. I started to mellow out and I just sat down on a sofa with the music on. I just spaced out for the remainder of the night thinking about weird stuff. In the end I realized I had the best f'in trip of my life.

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