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at about 5:30 i ate a half 8th of dried shrooms.

at about 5:30 i ate a half 8th of dried shrooms. at about 6 i start feeling the first signs of the trip and by 6:30 i was starting to trip. we ate the shrooms at my house and decided to walk down to the highschool thats around the corner from my house, we were gonna cut thru the golf course but i decided that would be scary shit so we didnt. we get to the highschool at about 6. so we decide were gonna smoke a blunt. as were smoking the blunt my friend tells me to lay back on the bench and look up at the sky thru the branches of the tree that we were sitting under. thats when my first hardcore visual of the night. the branches didnt look like branches they looked like a bunch of square patterns shifting and moving with the wind. it was pretty cold outside and my feet were wet so i started getting uncomfortable. i didnt want to have a bad trip so i tried to stay as optimistic as possible. we decided it was time for a change of scenery so we were gonna go to the park thats across the street from the school. it was on the way when i really started to get nervous and i started talking about how intense my trip was getting and how it could be a little slower. at the park i did the same thing with the visuals in the tress only this time they kind of carried over to all my visuals and i was seeing patterns on everything. my friends faces started to bend and all conversation was becoming more and more difficult, by this point i was just sitting there not saying anything. i was getting really tired at this point too and started talking about how i wished i was indoors. my friends decided it would be a good idea to walk down to the store that was a few blocks away. this walk proved to be one of the hardest things i could ever do that night, i had to sit down at least 3 times to collect myself and pull shit back together so i didnt freak out. at one point we had to cross a major street without a cross walk. i stated that it was impossible to cross the street and that we should go somewhere else, my friends disagreed and ran across the street as soon as it was clear, i followed but did not enjoy the melting headlights and speeding vehicles that i had to dodge. we were almost too the store when i started to get a better grip on things. we get to the store and me and my friend go inside to get something to drink, cuz water for reason keeps my cool when im trippin out hella bad, it proved to be very difficult to navigate the store and even more so to keep myself from making an ass out of myself, this store was being remodeled and there were hella people inside moving shit and making lots of noise. so we get our shit and went outside and sat down against the wall of the store my other friends that were shrooming were talking to some people that they met outside of the store that they knew that were about ready to buy their shrooms for the night. our dealer pulls up and i decided that i want to talk to him about how i was almost freaking out and that hes got some pretty fuckin good shrooms, i look at the clock in his car and its only 7:20. they asked me when i ate em and how much so i told em, then they told me i was gonna be fucked for hours so i might as well get used to it haha. after we chill outside the store for a while trying to think of somewhere safe to spend the rest of our trip, someone has the idea to go sit in my friends car thats parked outside my apartment building, reluctantly i agreed even tho my dad would be sleeping really close to where we would be shroomin and he can be a pretty bitter guy when hes tired and what not so i thought it would be best to not disturb him. the walk to the car was less intense then the walk to store. the whole night after the park i had been seeing all the leaves that were underneath me turn into little black worm like things and scurry out of my way before i stepped on them. this was still going on but i was used to it by now. at one point on the walk we were looking at out shadows and for some reason i had a shadow on both sides of me, when i would look at it then back at my friends they would bend to the side like they were actually shadows. well we make it back to my friends car (having to cross that dreaded street again, only this time we walked further down and used the crosswalk) the leaves on the ground in my apartment building just made this weird brown pattern that was shifting and moving as we were walking on it. we spent the rest of the trip sitting in his car just chillin and enjoying the trip. a few times i had to get out and piss which was really really hard cuz i kept getting lost in my pants trying to get shit done. we also at one point walked to the quickstop that by my house, this was pretty damn cool cuz by now the visuals were way less intense and i was fully enjoying myself, tho i did get paranoid outiside cuz some really scary looking cracked out black dude ran up and started rambling to us about his car (in my neighborhood that kind of shit is scary) we agree to help him push his car but sitting right next to his car was a police car with a cop in it writing papers, we all shut up and help his push the car to avoid attracting any unwanted attention to us. at around 10 a few of my friends had to leave cuz that was there curfew so me and my other friend went inside to my house and made some shit to eat, treid to play some videos games but couldnt cuz they were too confusing, watched some crazy ass show on mtv about some dude that likes to fuck men in a monkey suit. we tried to go to sleep at around 11:30 but ended up not falling asleep till about 2, that sucked cuz we were really tired but just couldnt sleep. well thats about it


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