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Forest serenity

The rain had not stopped for 4 days, and the time to trip was getting shorter before needing to leave home for Christmas.

The rain had not stopped for 4 days, and the time to trip was getting shorter before needing to leave home for Christmas.
My Friend Jake and I were waiting for the perfect day to shroom for over 3 weeks. We wanted to do them by ourselfs and to experience the power and influence of the redwood forest which layed just upon the hills of the Santa Cruz mountains, (which is in Northern California).
The 20th came and we decided to just take them the next morning, rain or shine, due to the fact that we both were off work for a while. We could free our minds and escape into a complete Eutopia.
By this time, all the students and people had already left from Santa Cruz, making it very peaceful and not with the usual hussle-bussle from the UC campus.
We woke up, the storm was beginning to pass, however the grey clouds lingered with strong gusts and sudden rain flurries every few hours. It was a beautiful day, and a very mysterious vibe was painted over the land.
We both took over an 8th of mushrooms each over a 45 minute period. Eating them slowly, and meditating as we were entering the outskirts of the forest. The friend of ours who gave us these mushrooms specifially told us to eat only a half 8th due to the potency of the strain, and then eat more only if we needed to. Jake and I had both shroomed and done a little acid quite a few times and thought we were ok with taking the fat 8ths, slowly.
Walking up a hill, the outskirts of the redwoods started to come into view. The day was young, and the dew from the night was still stuck to plants. The cold air whisped around our faces, and the warmness of our jackets made things wonderful. On the top of the hill we looked down onto a beautiful creek, whiched seemed to talk to us. The ground was now covered with dead and decaying leafs, and already I was starting to fee a body high and seeing little patterns moving on the ground.

Walking down to the creek, we started walking along it until we came upon some wild mushrooms. These mushrooms were at least 10-12 inches in diameter, and a beautiful reddish hue. We knew these were not magic mushrooms, yet they were so beautiful with teh wetness glisening on the top. The redwoods created a canopy, and a bubble of a new world in which we were about to enter.
There was no one in sight, no cars, no nothing. We were completely by ourselfs in a beautful forest with nothing around except the insects, mushrooms, trees and animals. This was truely an enlighting experience.
We found a nice stump to sit and smoke a nice spliff before trekking up the creek, and to see were it would take us in our lifes and minds. After my first inhale of the spliff I was already starting to trip prettty hardcore. I was seeing tunnel vision and the colors were starting to become more vibrant than ever. The wind which was blowing in my face was wonderful. I started to look at a patch of moss growing in the side of the tree... I looked at it for more than 15 minutes as my friend was walking around looking at various things along the running water. The moss was wonderful, it told me everything.
I started to feel as if my mind was taking over, and I couldnt stop it. All I could think about was everything and everything that had something to do with it. All my questions were being answered, and I thought I was easily the most intellegent person on earth. No one could ever understand what I was thinking. From the government ruling our lifes to the ant walking in circles, I knew what they were thinking and trying to do in life. I knew all their secrets.
By this time even my best friend was way too intense to even look at. He too, understood life and the meaning of it. I looked at him, and I didn't know who he was until I created a new identity for him. He was the bush man, a man who lived in the forest with nothing except his mushrooms and his water. No one could speak to him except me, because I was the most enchanted of all mankind.
This was serious, however I needed to move on. We decided to meet back here in an hour and experience our own spiritual journies. I looked at my watch to see wat time it was so I knew to come back to meet him. However, my watch was no longer a watch, it was something, yet nothing that I had ever seen before. There were 3 long things which were compsed of these molecules which told me whihc way I was supposed to go. I followed the hour hand because It would move the slowest.
The forest began to turn into some mystical land of elves and ogres, possibly some gremlins. I came upon a small medow, with trees surrounding it in every direction. This was my hideout, a secure place for me to be. The grass was amazingly green, and there were wild mushrooms growing everywhere. There was moss growing all over the trees and everything was GREEN. I stood and thought.
Throughout a period of an hour, I had never thought of so many things in my life. Every thought created a mind orgasam, which felt so damn good. Time was slow, however the day was already starting to get darker.
Then, another wave picked me off the ground and I loss my whole preception of reality. Everything was alive, and my mind was just pumping away at so many good feelings.
I cant even go into the trip with words, there is no way to actually describe any of the visuals or emotions or feelings which I had even witnessed that day. My trip went on for a good 12 hours as well. As we took more shrooms and smoked bongloads throughout the afternoon. We stayed in the forest until it was pitch black and took us a good hour to even find our way back.
I bonded with my friend after we met back up again, he was great. I love him like a brother now. Ive known him for 10 years of my life, and after the trip its felt like Ive known him for over 30. We talked about everything together, from girlfriends (tried to stay away from that subject) to lifes little equasions and twists.
All in all, it was a highly englightening experience.

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