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First Amazing Trip

I had tried mushrooms a few times already, but I had only had level 1, or *maybe* level 2 experiences so far.

I had tried mushrooms a few times already, but I had only had level 1, or *maybe* level 2 experiences so far. I wanted to try more this time around. I checked out the Dosage Calculator, and decided to take about 3 grams. I picked out some music, got my pencil crayons and some paper out, and got some extra blankets (mostly because they had cool patterns on them). Then I went to the kitchen to prepare my shrooms. I decided to eat them with some oatmeal. I ate them in my room, and then decided to light some candles and some incense. The light was beginning to seem very bright, so I turned it off and used the TV for light instead.

About an hour or so after I ate them I started to notice things. First of all, my ceiling started rippling and moving. I have an *excellent* ceiling for tripping. It's white with small, mountain-like patterns in the plaster. It almost looks like a mountainous terrain, even when you're not stoned. At this point I was starting to get a little disappointed, because I had experienced all this before. I wanted something new.

I started watching the TV (with the volumn off). I usually don't like watching TV on shrooms, but it was right in front of me. I think Providence was on. It started to get very confusing. Everything seemed to be happening way too fast. Then a car commercial came on, and I had to shut it off. So, I went to turn my light on again and noticed that my ceiling was even more beautiful than it was before. I went to the bathroom and the pattern on my shower curtain was moving and melting. And, the whole curtain was moving and breathing. It felt almost overwhelming. Somehow I got the idea that it was sentient and was trying to keep me in the bathroom. I looked at it a little while longer and went back to my bedroom. I got comfortable in my bed and got out my pencil crayons. I drew a face, and imagined that it was talking to me. At some point while I was drawing I noticed that when my eyes were closed, my thoughts appeared to take over. It was like closing my eyes transported me into another world, and everything I imagined felt real. I didn't see anything in the normal sense of the word, but images kept flashing in my mind. I decided to draw with my eyes closed to see what happened. When I opened my eyes weird scribbles were on the paper. I decided to colour one of them.

I can't remember exactly when, but I remember getting lost in the wood pattern on my shelves. It seemed to glow and melt, and it felt like I was being drawn into it. I also remember watching my face in a hand-held mirror that I have. I had read that it's common to see bugs or pimples if you look at yourself in the mirror, but I didn't see any of that. I remember making faces at myself, and it seemed like my face was in slow motion. I found this amusing. And, it also made me happy. I normally have low self-esteem, but seeing my face like that made me realize that I'm not so bad-looking after all.

Shortly after I was drawing with my eyes closed it became very difficult to keep my eyes open. So, I put the paper and pencils away, and got more comfortable in bed. For a while now, everthing is a bit confusing. I'm not sure what happened when, but this is what I do remember: I remember that it felt like I was in the most comfortable place in the world. I closed my eyes for a while, and imagined that I could feel the different parts of my brain working. I imagined that I, along with someone else were doing experiments on my brain. I could feel someone touching part of it. I also could feel someone protecting me, watching me as I went on this journey. I could feel her arms around me. I couldn't see her face, but somehow I knew she was beautiful. I could hear her talking to me in my mind, but I can't remember what she said. At some point I opened my eyes and looked up at my ceiling again. This time it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. It appeared to be made entirely of swirling fractals. Or the white foam you see in choppy water. It was hard to tell. And, I could see the most beautiful, bright colours all through the fractals (or foam). I closed my eyes again, and something really weird began to happen. I think I had an out of body experience. In my mind, I was talking to someone else about me, as if I wasn't me... if that makes any sense. I was looking at my body and talking to another person about "Jane Smith", but I wasn't "Jane Smith". It was weird. It was then that I realized that my body doesn't matter. The part of me who was talking to someone else is *me*. My body is secondary. My mind is who I am. I also began to feel like my mind had incredible powers, since it could make me believe things that weren't true.

Some other things I remember, but I'm not sure where to put them chronologically: I remember hearing the music I was listening to as bright colours in my mind, almost like the Psychadelic Screen Saver. I remember my shelf looking like a robot of some kind. I remember seeing the smoke from the incense very clearly, like a cloud of smoke in my room. I remember seeing moving figures in the shadows and smoke.

Slowly I started to come down. When I come down from a shroom trip, I get dizzy and groggy and generally feel like crap. So, I usually smoke some weed to counteract the dizzyness. I smoked a small bowl and almost immediately began to feel like myself again. I was happier than I've been in a long time. I felt like I had just accomplished something, like I had been somewhere new and exciting. And I felt like I had learned so much. The only regret I have is not writing down my thoughts. I was thinking some really weird things, and I can't remember half of them now. Next time I'm going to keep a trip diary.

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