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Shee Shoo Shee

It was probably my 5th time shrooming.

It was probably my 5th time shrooming. My good friend had been growing some shrooms, and we'd had some good fun with the first harvest. This time, we were going to do the hawaiian shrooms he had grown, which was all of our first times doing hawaiians. There were four of us. We blended them up in some oranje juice, and chugged the concoction down. We had my fiancee's room ready for when we were feeling it, but until then we hung out in the living room, watching tv. We were watching a Friends rerun, when the shrooms hit, hard. I was used to gliding into a trip, but this felt more like I was dropped into it. The tv screen seemed to blend into the wall and the colors of the tv screen bled into the white wall. The tv became much too bright and fast to concentrate on, so we turned it off and headed for the bedroom. I was feeling hot, so I decided to change into some shorts. I kind of lost it in the bathroom while I was changing. I found a chinese dragon swirling in the bathmat that occupied my time for what seemed like a while, but time moves so slow when I'm on shrooms, it may have only been a minute. When I returned to the room, I had intense giggles and the "Jabber-Jaw" (Chattery teeth), and kind of keeled over into laughter on the floor for a while. I made it onto the bed after a long time on the floor. My two friends were on the futon couch, and my fiancee was in his desk chair, so I was alone on the bed. I began to feel like the bed was a whole seperate room from the rest of the bedroom. I felt like I was in a glass cube for a while. Then I started to focus on the tapestry above the bed. Pretty soon, I'd found myself a sad clown in the tapestry to chat with. He told me he was lonely, and I told him that I'd visit him and we'd talk whenever I was tripping. Then I explained that I'd go away in a few hours. It was a weird conversation. When I stopped talking, I started to "play in my mouth". I sat for a good fifteen minutes with my finger in my mouh, exploring my tongue, teeth, and gums. They felt amazing. I kept telling my friends to "go play in your mouth!" After that, I really lost touch with reality. For an hour, I talked in babble to my friends. Most of the time, I talked in a sing-song voice, singing "shee shoo shee shoo sheeee, la loo la lo laaa, me maa me maa meeeee", etc. I covered myself up in a blanket,and proceeded to have a conversation with it. The entire time, I was having intense hallucinations. We all started to come down at some point, and enjoyed some pudding that felt pretty cool to eat on shrooms. We spent some quality time staring at our Winamp plug-in, until we came down to an area around "normal." Then it was time for sleep. The trip wasn't as visually intense as I would have liked, but it was mentally mind-blowing. That I lost my language for a solid hour stunned me, as well as imagining conversations with tapestries and comforters. I definately reccomend the hawaiian shrooms!

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