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He said it was hell

One evening me and some friends decided to trip on some shroom tea.

One evening me and some friends decided to trip on some shroom tea. We had collected around 30 caps, and decided this was not enough for the 3 of us. We traveled to an undisclosed location outside of town and searched. we found around 10 large caps, and a cluster of rockets with 12 or so in it. We hauled ass back to the house and began cleaning them off and chopping them up.
After we had boiled everything down, we had jsut enough for about 4 mason jars of tea. we went to the back room, and as everyone else sipped their tea, i slammed about 3/4 of mine in just a few gulps and sipped the rest until i saw the small pieces floating around in it and lost my apetite.
Within minutes I began to feel vary vary strange and out of place. I asked one of them to take me home before i started to trip my balls off but no one would. Within 15 minutes of drinking the tea, i began to have severe stomach cramps to the point where i didn't want to stand up or sit in a chair. Slowly the feeling of nausea came to me, and i had to throw up. That was when it started to get pretty crazy.
At first i had a good time, i knew i was tripping really really hard and i also knew that it was only going to get better, or worse in some peoples' opinion. for around 30-45 minutes i tried to focus on the movie we were watching. It was The Labyrinth. I could couldn't make out the tv, but i could see the picture well enough to know what was on. Slowly, the sound of Tool playing 46&2 overpowered my concentration of the movie, and i tried to stand up. This was my mistake. I wasn't able to stand up so i jus layed back down, covered up with a blanket and watched the patterns dance around me. they were mostly red and blue and they seemed to cover everything and move in closer to me. slowly i began to feel like i was being seperated from my reality by a red wire sphere. I could see thorugh it somewhat, but unless it was inside the radius of the sphere, it was red and out of touch from reality completely.I slowly began to have trouble functioning as a normal human being.
The idea came to me that i was reliving my fetal period and relearning everything at an overwhelming pace. I just sat back, and let the thoughts trail off into nothing.
Once i thought it was at the peak of the trip, i called one of my friends over to help me up, i told him to step into the sphere and help me get to my feet. as soon as he stood me up, he darted out of the room and so did the other guy. I turned around to check out the tv again and when i looked back over my shoulder, the two of them shot off confetti bombs in my face. I totally lost my mind, I fell backwards and was unable to function. I remember bits and pieces of what was the remaining 4 hours at the house. I don't remember the order in which they happened but here they are

- I came to curled up under a glass coffe table with a blanket over my body. I looked up and saw spilt pain on the table running through the glass down the legs and around me. I realized i needed to relocated so i slid out from under the table and covered myself completely with a blanket.

- I came to again in another room laying down on the floor. I could not recognize what anything in the room was. My friend was sitting there rocking back and forth. he seemed to be part of the wall, just an outline of his figure was all i could make out. i didn't even know if it was really him until he spoke. we did not know who each other were or what we were doing there, we did not even know we were tripping. i had excepted the fact that i was a primitive humanoid and laid back down to try and get used to the way i was going to spend the rest of my days.

- Somehow i ended up in the back yard. I did not know it, but my friends had been out there for a good while. They were running around shooring more confetti bombs in the air and running through them. for some reason this scared the hell out of me and i made a break for my car. I got all the way in it, put my seatbelt on, but could not get it cranked. I had no clue about a clutch at the time. I got out and walked back around to the back yard to find that they had disappeared. In reality they were looking for me, but i was thinking the worst. They "died".

I found them inside drawing on paper with crayons and asked them if we were in heaven. Both of them told me no, we had died and gone to hell and told me that's why i saw the red and blue sphere, that's why i hurt so bad, that's why i lost my entire human identity.

A few hours later i slowly began to return to my normal human form. I could walk upright, i knew what i was saying when i spoke, and could see more than just red chaos. I was still tripping pretty hard, but i now knew what had happened. They sat me down and said that i drank way too much for my first real mushroom trip. After i had began to trip to the point where i didn't remember shit, they gave me more to see what would happen. I didn't even know it had happened. I got them to take me home still tripping pretty hard but not to the point of insanity and crawled in the bed. I turned off all my lights, turned my CD player on to Radiohead KID-A and put How to Disappear Completely on repeat. Then my door opened and my father asked me if i had a good time the night before.

I didn't even answer. I was too afraid becausew i thought he knew what i had done. He thought i went to my a concert, but in my mind he was say "YOU ATE THE SHROOMS YOU ATE THE SHROOMS YOU ATE THE SHROOMS!"

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