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The little world

It was a friday night a couple of weeks ago when i decided to take the liberty caps.

It was a friday night a couple of weeks ago when i decided
to take the liberty caps.I had previously planned to take them with a good mate but he was away visiting his ill grandma so i devoured the 20 caps and washed it all down with some orange juice. I then settled back in a chair and waited for the experience to kick in, while watching this wild life program on penguins.The first feelings i got were about half an hour in, and i began to feel a bit nauseated,and when this feeling left me i began to feel as if i had just pulled about 20 skunk bongs.This feeling escalated until i realised that everything seemed to be in slow motion and the patterns on my carpet where swirlng and dancing real fast.I now turned my T.v off because i got this incredible evil feeling that the whole world was watching me and trying to sceme ways to kill me.Then all of a sudden i heard this unearthly screach which sounded like this witch or something. I turned round to realise that there was this giant lion standing there with its mouth wide open. I literally pissed myself and for a terrible moment of eternity i was convinced that some lion had escaped from a zoo and i was going to be eaten alive and no one would care.I then realised that it must be my cat and i remembered i was on shrooms.I tried to stagger upstairs to change my boxers, but by this stage i was tripping so hard all i could see were lots of mad images swirling around me that if youve never tripped before is hard to explain.I just slumped back in my chair and thought about existance.I then came to the conclusion that everyone is a god and that everyone is equal overall, but that some people just have more experience. I believed that we are gods because of the fact that in our body there is a whole universe of living things that belong to us.The trip started to subside now so i put on some music/pink floyd. The music was intensly amazing and on another level, and i kicked myself for not playing it while peaking.Then i smoked some weed and got the munchies.Overall it was a wicked first trip, but maybe a bit too intense in parts.My advice to anyone tripping for the first time is dont have too much, and be in the company of good mates:not alone.

P.S expect to laugh alot, as i did lots.

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