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I was down in Florida visiting some friends during the summer.

I was down in Florida visiting some friends during the summer. We started out the day smoking some bomb weed from Boca Raton and eating the best ribs i've ever had in my life, converstating with some of the local factory workers who were chilling out drinking after their shift. It was strange, because there were mostly black guys, but then two white guys. One of them said, "I'm a confederate, will be to the day I die," as he's sitting there sharing beers with everyone. Hmm.

We went back to the apartment to figure out something to do. It was me, El, Tone, Sel, and Eir. We could either get drunk, or go pick some shrooms. We decided to pick shrooms. So we snuck into this cattle yard to search. We found about 30 shrooms growing off of the shit and headed back to the apartment. We cut off the end of the tips, and we each ate a handfull in peanut butter sandwiches. It was horrible. I drank 2 big glasses of water, and then started feeling nauseated. It was dark now, so we took a walk down to the bay where there is a huge field and a concrete dock with palm trees everywhere. It was warm and quiet.

By the time we all got down there, we were feeling it. I vomited for about ten minutes, but the body highs were so good I couldn't feel it. I started getting heavy visuals. Tone's eyes watered so bad it looked like he was crying. We just started running around, fooling around and laughing. I layed down with El and lit up a cigarette and stared up at the sky. It started feeling like I could push my arms through the ground. It felt like I was floating. The stars started falling and changing formations and I looked around to see myself completely floating in the universe, stars all around me, shooting around. El's speech sounded like some alien language, but he stood me up and told me I'd been laying there for 45 minutes. His face looked so fucked up it was scary. We walked down towards the dock.

Looking off into the bay, it looked as if the water went on forever. Sel was saying he couldn't walk, and Tone was off in his own world. I went back towards Tone but I couldn't get near him, he just kept getting further away. I walked up to this building and sat on the steps. It looked like some huge school, but it was pink and green and the doorways were buckling and moving. I lit up a square and stared off into the field. It looked as if aroraborealis was happening on the grass. Palm trees were dancing like cartoons. I was in complete awe. Then Tone came up. "Whatup, man." "Nothin man. I think were on the edge of the world man," He said. This fucked with my mind, and the ground in front of me disappeared up to the steps. "Dude, how are we going to get to those guys?!" We stepped into the blackness (which was the grass). Tone said, "Its not that deep, but we'll have to make a boat." He went off to make a boat and I layed there trying to figure out how I was going to get out.

I stared into the blackness and just figured I would die on these steps when the building started making noises. I walked up to a plaque on the wall where the noise was coming from. It was a picture of a Seminole Indian, and it was trying to tell me something. It was speaking seminole, but I understood what it was saying. He told me that it was only real if I let it be real, and to go find my friends. He said they were in trouble. I had to go. I turned towards the steps and climbed down them (as they seemed very steep at the time) And the grass was back. I could see the water and I made my way down there as fast as I could to see Sel and Shan. They were both kind of freaking out. I sat and had a smoke, and talked with them, and we all comforted each other. Then came Tone and El....

We all got up, and walked a few blocks to the sandy beach, where some people were drinking and shit. We sparked a few bowls, and we all jumped in the water. It was like being in a warm blanket. It was about 3:30am and we had come down quite a bit. It was just fun now. I met this girl in the water and she said she had been tripping that night too. We felt this bond and talked there for like an hour. Then, we went for a walk and went to her house that had a porch that faced the deck. We watched the sunrise together and then went to sleep in her bed. When I awoke, I had to find my friends, but I didn't want to leave her house. We had sex in the shower, exchanged numbers and I headed for Sel's apartment.

We spent the entire night drinking rum and telling stories of our trip the night before, and about where I had dissappeared to. Everyone pretty much tripped hard as hell but all had pleasant comedowns. There were only like 15 sober minutes of that entire weekend, and my stomach hurt the entire week after. But I had come out of it with one hell of an experience, and a great girl whom i am still with today.

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