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This was about 5 years ago.

This was about 5 years ago. I think I finally learned my lesson on eating mushrooms on the spur of the moment late at night after drinking quite a bit. I ended up eating shrooms with an acquaintance who is a negative, pessimistic person--not the kind you want to trip with. I gave him decent shrooms and then I ate really potent ones, about 3+ grams. He had a bit less. I don't remember exactly as I was drunk.

Ten minutes after eating the shrooms I felt it coming on. I had a bad feeling when D* suggested we go to the store so he could get some smokes. I knew we were on different wavelengths completely and became a bit apprehensive. We went to the store (he drove) and while waiting in the car I realized that I was entering a different realm of existence. We made it back but not before he laughed demonically while driving--this set the tone for the rest of the trip. We got back and went outside and hugged the moving, wavering, alive and colorful ground. I am freaked out and eventually go inside to get some sleep. After timeless otherworldly traveling, D* comes in to find me curled in fetal position in my underwear staring at him with insane eyes. He says "you're fucked up!" a couple of times which doesn't make me feel any better but I get up and then try to call a friend of mine but D* advises against it so I don't.

My memory splits in two and I am at once in a room with chairs and books and people and thinking what a strange place to be at. At the same time I am in the kitchen bouncing off the walls and crawling on the floor with D*. At this point I realize that I am totally out of it and that we should have someone here that is sober. I go to call my parents and D* grabs the phone and we end up outside with D* laughing and myself on the way to go to my neighbors to get help. I trip and break my big toes on the way. I am in shorts with shirt in hand but I can't figure out how to use the buttons and which way is right side out and in this state I find my neighbor's doorbell--a light of sanctuary in the night. Unfortunately my friend's mom is home and answer's the door. I fall to the ground mumbling something like "mushrooms, I ate mushrooms" My friend comes to the door and asks what happened and I say "D*...did I kill D*?" Oops. Wonder what they think. 2 in the morning a tripping neighbor stumbling half naked to the door falling down talking about killing someone. Great. I think my friend's mom is an alien and go after her at one point but eventually call my parents and they come over.

Now I am at my house and take my contacts out (why?) and now I can't see anything and it's all a blur. I think my parents are aliens and have captured me and are taking off in the mothership--I go to run out the door but then realize that maybe I should just sit down. I end up puking my brains out in a huge, wavering canyon of a bucket. I stand up and urinate on my self. I askk my dad what is happening and he said I ate poisonous mushrooms and I think oh no, the shrooms were poisoned! He said that I will be down in time and I think that I am brain dead for life and will have to relearn basic comprehension skills as I can't even think straight. Eventually I come down and realize that this is really happening. I apologized to the neighbor and thanked my parents for being understanding.
Meanwhile, while I was freaking my neighbors out and call my parents, my friend was sitting in the living room when he heard voices and walked in the kitchen and saw my parents and thought wait a minute this can't be good so he goes back into the living room and thinks for a minute and then goes to the back yard and falls asleep.

The good points--lot's of visuals and out of world experience. Split memory is very interesting.
Bad points--paranoia, embarassment and general stupidity and lapse of judgement in misusing a sacrament. It would have been better had someone I trusted was there who was at least semi-sober. I will do shrooms again but responsibly.

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