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craziest night of my

the night started out like any other.

the night started out like any other. i was at my friends
house and i had brought some shrooms. I took a little over
an eighth of some really blue shrooms, which were supposed
to be good. I got an incredible body high which made all my
limbs numb and then i started to see colors diferently.
After an hour or so later i had to piss so i went to the
bathroom and nothing could prepare me for what i saw next.
everything in the room was morphing and bending and moving.
it was crazy. i went back to the room and made them turn the
lights on so i could enjoy my trip more. then my thought
pattern totally changed and thoughts kept popping into my
head so fast that in the course of an hour, i probobly had
thought about 1 million different things.the re4st of the
night was like this until i came down about 6 hours later.if
u ever come across blue shrooms with gold caps buy them, you

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