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Shrooms and friends

Hi i would like to share with you the best trip of my life.

Hi i would like to share with you the best trip of my life.

It started on friday, me and my friends were sitting in study hall trying to get physics out of our heads when an old friend came to say hi. He told us that he had some shrooms and that he would GIVE them to us I was suspicious so i asked what was up with em. He said he was quitting drugs and he wanted to get them out of his life I said fuck alright give em here. Later that night we were all in my basement sitting at my table eating our little magic friends matt, one of my friends said he had to go to the bathroom and just left so me and victor finished of the shrooms and put on some pink floyd. About an hour had passed and i was trippin something voilent victor was tweekin out and we hadn't seen matt since he went upstairs so I started climbing the stairs which I shouldn't have tried there are only like 15 stairs but i never got to the top everytime I got close they kinda just grew. Victor looked over and said i was walking in place I looked at him well i thought I looked at him no one was there he was sitting on the couch now he is gone. I thought to myself maybe he melted into the couch at the time it seemed like a good explanation. I got to the top of the stairs to find myself lost "is this my kitchen?" i was completely lost it just looked like a red warping stew "maybe this is what hell looks like a i just stumbled upon it" again it seemed perfectly reasonable at the time. I finally got to my front door i hurried and got outside it wasn't any better out there in fact it was scary as hell trees bobbing up and down ground spinning the moon gigantic so big i could almost reach out and touch it. Then i saw matt laying in my driveway "man what the hell are you doing?" he didn't say anything all of a sudden he was swimming in the air moving his arms and legs like he was in water then he said "josh hey come over here man the waters great". What the hell is he talking about i thought to myself then i saw it a man standing at my doorway saying obscene things like why did you kill dog and hey burn that tv its evil. All of a sudden he jumped out of the doorway i screamed like a girl and fell to the ground which was swirling very pretty colors at the time of my fall all of a sudden i heard laughter it was victor "ha that was great man. it took me so long to get up your stairs". I looked at my watch four hours had gone by so we all headed inside and passed out listening to the forest sound on my radio. The next morning victor and matt wanted to go buy some shrooms for another night of scary fun!

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