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couch in kitchen

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This report is about the first time (and only time to date) that I tried shrooms. It starts off on a thursday morning. My roomate had recently aquired 6 gelcaps and we were going to wait for the upcoming weekend to try them. We are quite experienced with cannabis and alcohol but that is all that we had experienced before the mushrooms.

We were a little impatient because the weekend was taking forever to come, so at 12 noon on thursday, we take the pills. 2 each at first. We stock up on food and take showers before the effects start to kick in. I notice the effects within 30 minutes though my roomate doesn't report anything yet, just a little disorientation. I look down at the carpet in my dormroom and notice a well-defined "breathing". I was overjoyed that the batch of shrooms we aquired were not duds. The white cement wall also starts to breathe and the clothes in the closet start to change color as the shadows cast on them start to move. I was quite involved with all of this and spend what seemed like a lengthy amount of time staring at the liveliness of our normally plain dormroom.

We finally decide to go outside and walk around. We go to a nature trail that runs across campus. I am overwhelmed by the beauty of the trees and awe-struck with their seemingly timeless strengh and size. I now consider myself to be tripping, even though my roomate still claims to feel nothing.

We decide it's time to smoke some of the greens so we pack in a few bowls and smoke up. This enhaces the effect nicely for me and finally my roomate says that he feels some effects that cannabis alone can't produce. It is around this time that my roomate takes the remaining 2 caps to try to achieve the level that I was experiencing.

We head back into the dorms and decide to sit in our kitchen, which has a beautiful view of the entire campus thanks to huge floor to ceiling window and a couch right in front of it. I am still tripping nicely and my roomate starts to experience the beauty of mushrooms, probably assisted by the MJ. We sit and look at the scenery melt and transform for the next 3 hours, never leaving that couch for anything. I notice the clouds seem to take the form of huge faces that are trying to swoop down and swallow me right from off that couch. I am overwhelmed by this sensation and close my eyes for a few seconds. It is at this time that I discover some amazing CEVs. The most intricate of patterns could instantly be displayed on the back of my eyelids. The most interesting thing that occured at this time was when it felt like the entire campus was just an extension of my body, and all the people within it were merely "cells" travelling to my different organs. We continue to sit in front of that window until we notice a slight come down.

All in all this was a beautiful first shroom experience, though i'd like to have taken an extra cap just to enhance it that much more. It was completely in control and somewhat enlightening. I will try it again sometime and try to spend some more time outdoors, probably in the spring.

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