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A Trip to Remember

A friend and I decide to eat 5 grams of good dried cubensis after a day of fasting.

A friend and I decide to eat 5 grams of good dried cubensis after a day of fasting.

KN and I munched the fungus down dry and chased it with water. The Cubs were nicknamed locally as "redwoods" because of the dark red cap and their incredible size. About seven inches long and very thick!! One of these mushrooms weighed about 6 grams dried.
I ate about 5.5 grams and KN ate 3.5 because it was his second time (a false assumption I believe - DIVE IN!) Feeling adventurous that night we decided to eat them on the way to a party, not my favorite place to be while shroomin. Too many people.

I started to feel effects about 30 minutes after consumption. I got my usual nasuea and yawning (the fasting was an atempt to reduce nasuea). Visuals became obvious shortly after. The house party took place in a strange new house with steeply vaulted ceilings and a billiard table centered in the room. By this time KN was fryin balls! Luckily for us, we had good friends around who could guide us, especially one, D who was my savior that night. KN was bouncing around mingling with everyone I took a seat on the sofa, the large dose I took was starting to hit me hard. It had been about two and a half hours since we chowed our fungi. Kn eventually sat down next to me and we both sunk into our seats staring at the strange ceiling above us. Clouds of brightly colored smoke billowed toward me from above and I shut my eyes. I could then feel the smoke hit my eyelids. I shut my eyes as a test to see how hard I was trippin, as I often do. I surely was! It was then when I made a horrible decision. I asked KN if he wanted to take off for a drive and he said BLLEEEEHH MMEEGGGHHHAA (his own language that he spoke for the rest of the night) Right before I left, my horrible guide that let me drive said, "red to the right and yellow to the left" that was terrible advice. I drove KN and I two miles on the beautiful backroads of the Pacific Northwest. It was late October near halloween and the liberty caps were in full bloom in the flats(the expansive cow fields that are below sea level and full of good mushrooms)I followed the road off in to the sky at times but eventually made it to an abandoned auction barn an we parked. 3 hours into the experience I peaked. I was felling my hair yet my hand was a foot away from my head. It was awesome! I saw the trees swaying in the wind yet there was no wind. KN and I sat there for at least 2 hours getting unexplainable visuals. There was melting there was morphing there were sounds. At one point I was foaming at the mouth. Or at least I thoght I was I'll never know if that actually happened though. We came down and slept in the car about 8 hours after eating those wonderful "REDWOODS"

It was the best mushroom trip of my life and if anyone gets the chance, come to the Pacific Northwest and try our wonderful wild mushrooms! Cyans are free and potent.

Peace out fellow shroom lovers.

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