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It was the day after my 18th birthday, that I decided to eat the shrooms that have been waiting to be eaten for a few weeks.

It was the day after my 18th birthday, that I decided to eat the shrooms that have been waiting to be eaten for a few weeks. These were of the cyanescans species. I had 8 grams, and ate 4 grams of it, with concentrated minute maid OJ, as usual. It was a dark cloudy day, and for some reason nearly every time i trip, it just always happens to be a cloudy day. Weird...Anyway i consumed the ass-nasty shrooms, and felt a huge shit on its way. So i grabbed me a MAXIM magazine, went to the toilet and unleashed hell. My god it was soo fucking painful, it was of the hard crunchy variety, i nearly died. So, after nearly having a stroke, and popping a vein in my forehead, i continued to read my glorified MAXIM magazine, in a somewhat post-shit state of mind. Then i started to feel all shroomy, that ominous, creepy, feeling sneaking up on me...than i started getting excited. So, i slammed down the MAXIM magazine on the floor as hard as i could. Being in the heat of excitement, i forgot to wipe my ass. So, i used my left hand to scrape off all the slimy greasy shit residue outta my ass crack, and squeezed all the shit through my fingers, into the yellow, mildew-stained toilet bowl covered with pubic hairs. Felt sorta warm and relaxing, and i took a big whiff of my shit, the smell brought back memories of when i used to have my girlfriend pass "chocolates" through her cute pinkish brown little anus into my mouth. As i looked at the big huge dark greenish turd that caused me to bust a nut, i noticed it look like a giant slug or sea creature of some kind, that was cool...then i realized...damm these are some kick ass shroomies!! So i finished picking out the dryed up turds tangled up in my hairy ass and flushed it down the toilet, and licked all the shit off my fingers and wiped them down on my jeans and went to my bedroom, or the trip room as i like to call it. When i stepped into my room, almost every single object looked at least somewhat slighty distorted. I was seeing the typical wall-ceiling-floor movements, and all the yellow stains on the wall seemed more vibrant and beautiful. Almost everything seemed to possess some kind of energy, and i was starting to see the faint geometrical designs and colors around me. I called my sister up and asked if she was in the mood for sex, all she did was give me a blowjob, but damm did it feel good. The orgasm and feeling of someone's hot wet mouth sucking on your peeing equipment was heightened. Thank god my parents had to have two kids. Of course, i had to return the favor by "play-raping" her, see, she enjoys being forced to do things, mostly sexual things, she gets off on it. What a weird girl, huh? When i was "raping" her, her face was all contorted, i couldn't even look at her, and the bed seemed like it was moving in the opposite rythym as us, i was almost too distracted to even continue. She wanted me to drink her piss, but i wasnt in the mood for that at the time. Of course, she threw a fit, but fuck her. Anyway, by that time i was peaking big time, my mind was just fucked up beyond recognition, i couldnt really concentrate on anything. I was seeing red and white colors overlapping everywhere, like a transparent, computerized, landscape of red and white hills before my eyes. I looked at my sister's face, and her eyes were just filled with black, i couldnt make out the eyeballs or anything, my mind couldnt process it, all i saw was like a dark black circle or something, and the same thing happened when i looked at people on tv, so that was freaky, but i was having fun with it. I decided to put some hardcore trance on, with mind-numbing beats that can make some people go pyschotic when they listen to it on shrooms. That changed the atmosphere a lot. So i started dancing around with my sister, who was drunk and high by this time. We both got naked, i felt soo much free, simply because i was unclothed. I never really knew what total freedom and liberty felt like up until then. It was pretty fuckin awesome. We started getting horny again, and we started to wrestle, if any of you have not wrestled naked with another naked chick....you have not lived!! The feeling of our "uncharted" skin areas touching each other just felt incredible, and then we ended up doing the 69. Right after we almost were finished, the doorbell rang, and it was one of my sister's girlfriends', (she's bisexual) and we told her about everything we did, and she got pissed that we never called her to come over and join us. But later on that night we had a threesome, as usual. Man, what a great shroomy day that was!

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