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what happend??

Well, this was my 3rd time tripping (LSD) My friend's brother had picked up a sheet.

Well, this was my 3rd time tripping (LSD) My friend's brother had picked up a sheet. I got 5 hits, my friend warned me that they were extremly strong, not caring me and my friend popped 3 in while my other friends popped 2. about 30 minutes pased. It was starting to kick in. The madness started when my friend's mom called him, talking about god knows what. after my friend got off the phone with his mom, he threw up. it was at this time i needed a smoke, or so i thought. I went out on the deck area to smoke a ciggerate, i saw demons in the trees. i was just sitting there, not sure how long starring at the trees. an hour later, i found myself inside the apartment. It was now just me and one other friend. I'm not sure where my other 3 friends went, i think they went to get some food or something. so friend 1 (in the apartment) started chanting 2 different phrases, it seemed like forever. I was getting annoyed of his chanting so i told him to stop. he wouldnt stop. he just kept chanting "Science far project, Science fair project" It was getting to the point where i couldnt take it anymore, i think there was a bit of a struggle or something. He finally stopped, i think. I passed out, i woke up in a bed, i walked out into the main room with the TV, Fear and loathing in las vegas was one. This didnt seem like a normal movie to me. All i kept seing was a dude in a car screaming. It was now time to smoke a bowl. I remember going to the bathroom to smoke with my friends, the next thing i know i wake up on the couch with ducktape markings on my hand. I then realized that i was at MY house, on the couch downstairs. the next day, i asked my friends what happend, they said i went out of control, breaking lamps, chanting "kill" or something. My other friend (the dude that was chanting science far) wonderd off to some black dude's apartment and woke up to some black dude sipping on wine or something. My friends mom had to end up picking us up from his apartment. we were out of control, it was their last resort (besides me breaking out of the ducktape, heh). to this day i have not had a trip like it, and hope i never do again.

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