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Camping Trip

Alright, so.

Alright, so...im at school right now, so Im gonna have to make this a little short. My name is Russ, and Im from ATL Georgia. It all started when my main man hook-up with the phatty nuggets called me up...flower hearts/chinese dragons were in (LSD paper hits). This was a big deal, we hadnt seen any type of descent acid in months. So I was quick to the punch to buy a whole sheet (100 hits).

So I hooked it up, and decided that I should test the potency by taking a hit with my friend Anthony. Bad idea, school the next day I was still tripping, thats a different story. The acid was so powerful we had to tell everyone. So eventually we planned a camping TRIP on a friday night that weekend.

All of us met together around 6, still daylight out, behind camping grounds, I dosed 3 hits, most of my friends took 1, or 1/2, no one attempted more than 1. We went out for a bite to eat before the trip kicked in, as crazy as it seems I insisted on coming back very soon, I could feel the acid coming on in only 20 minutes. By the time we parked our cars and began the 1/2 mileswalk to camp ground everyone was already starting to trip. I myself brought an 8th of dig nug, 4 whip-its, and a 6-pack of bud, a pillow, and 4 blankets. Can anyone imagine what someone looks like with 4 blankets, a 6-pack of brew, and a pillow walking through the woods tripping? Alright so we threw our stuff down and began setting up tents (i didnt need to, haha) My friends Anthony and Pat brought a army-style simple tent, while they attempted to figure out where they should put it I began lighting the fire.

For some odd reason it came apparent that everyone there HAD to be doing something, no one sat still, no one just chilled out...Anthony and Pat were still trying to set the tent up, my Vick and Jeff were walking in circles, Jon had drank a whole bottle of robotussim, taken 2 DXM pills, 1 hit of this acid, and was doing what Jeff called, the backwards octaganal dance, speaking the square language, mumbling and dancing around the fire. I was chill, the only one experienced with this acid. Amazed by the fire I was tripping hard, drunk, and stoned. I laid down for what seemed like 20 minutes (but in reality it was for at least 3-4 hours) I watched the trees without leaves grow forever, reaching the stars and occasionally bringing a few back to earth. Several low-flying bi-planes with fire streaming behind them flew by, and the sky opened up showing me the brightest light I could imagine. Every time I would blink, it would dissapear and start back over again. I needed another drink, so I threw back another, attempted to inhale a whip-it smoked another bowl of dig to calm my nerves.

The only reason I havent been talking about the other friends on this trip much, is plainly the fact that I practically forgot about them, seriously I wasnt even thinking about them. I suddenly felt the urge to get up and search for something, to this day I have no idea what I wanted, needed, had to find. So I walked around the lake for at least an hour talking to the fish, and the massive water-bugs. The sun was coming out, and I was at least a mile away from camp grounds, and my trip was beggening to slide.

I turned around, and I was still laying down, staring at the sky, watching the stars, the fire burned down, and Amanda on top of me. It was time to leave.

We went to waffle house, still trailing, and laughing occasionally. I went home and slept for 6 hours, and went to work...I have yet to find any acid in this area of Georgia worth taking. When I do, Im going to the camp site...with a video camera.

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