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Bad Craziness

Recently I ate half an 8th with a good buddy of mine.

Recently I ate half an 8th with a good buddy of mine. We ate them at his house around 10 am. Then we hopped on a bus down to China Beach(San Francisco). About 45 minutes later the shrooms began to kick in.
We presently began to see the sky morphing different colors and images began to make shrill cries without explanation. The water began to loom tall over us and I got a feeling of suffocation. Then my friend Brendan began to talk meaninglessly about the sand rising over the sky and fucking the world. After about 1-2 hours later we had wandered up into the public restroom at the beach. That's when the trip went to the brink of pure craziness.
All of a sudden I was in a bright circle of light with Donald Duck, who was speaking in what seemed to be a Russian accent about life. Details of what happened from the arrival at the restrooms on are very hard to recall. But later my friend told me that I was crouching over in the stall and was rambling on to myself.
This trip was the most intense experience in my life and I am still trying to recall the details of my week-old trip.
Hopefully in a while I will be able to recall the rest of it.

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