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going to heaven

i ate three caps, four stems, and some spores of some very potents shrooms (caterpillars).

i ate three caps, four stems, and some spores of some very potents shrooms (caterpillars). i didnt believe my friends when they said that they were some of the best shrooms that they had had. i smoked a huge blunt with a few of my friends, and before long my pupils were HUGE, althought i wasnt feeling anything else.

i went to the living room to sit with a few of my friends and i started to wonder if i hadnt eaten enough shrooms. all of a sudden it felt like i had no body and my head was just floating around the room. i was very exited by now, because i had been wanting to trip for some time. i looked around the room and everything seemed to have patterns. even peoples faces looked like they had tiny patterns on them. the room started tilting and everthing had ripples on it. like the ripples when you throw a rock into some water. everything i looked at was distorted.

there was a puppy at the house and i decided to play with her. her fur felt really really weird and i couldnt tell how hard i was squeezing her so i put her down. a bit later i halfway picked her up and looked down... i heard a "shhhhhwwwwwwwoooopppppp" noise and right as it ended the pup had a purple outline around her, and she looked like she belonged in a cartoon.

i looked at my friend b who had eaten the same amount of shrooms that i had. he started to freak out and ended up curled up in a ball in the bathroom, because he got some crazy black and white visuals and saw spinning dominoes (i learned this later). my friend j and i decided we should go get some pepto bismol that would help him out because he was feeling sick, and tripping really hard, so hard he couldnt walk straight. i grabbed j's hand as we walked through the living room, which seemed more like a hall than a room. we were on a journey. we had to get to the store and get back with the stuff before b died, or so i thought. we got the stuff and j drove back.

i stayed on the couch because i found it hard to stand. i looked at my friend c, who i thought was talking on the phone to his girlfriend, but it turns out he is not talking at all, he's just sitting and watching tv. j was not tripping, and he wanted me to go with him to subway to meet one of our friends. we went to subway and the whole time we were there i didnt say a word, because when i tried to talk, everthing just came out mingled together.

we got in the car to go back to the house, and while we were on the road i started thinking about how time is another dimension and how time could be trapped in buildings. then i got the idea that time travel was completely possible, but only in our minds. i saw myself on a street corner and i looked out at the main road, where i was actually riding in the car just a few blocks down the road. i stood on the street corner waiting for myself to come by in my car. it seemed like i was in both bodies. the one in the car and the one waiting for me on the street corner. at this point i was entirely convinced that time travel was possible. i got back to the house and tried to tell everyone my new discovery. they didnt understand.

then, i stood at the threshold of a door between two rooms. the dining room and the living room. the dining room was bright yellow in light and had all of my friends in it, partying. then i looked to my right into the living room, which was dark and blue and green, and no one was in there, it was deserted and peaceful. i thought "this could be heaven and hell. the bright room is heaven...." then i stopped. MAYBE the dark room (the peaceful one) was heaven, then i sort of got a little sad because none of my friends were in the living room--aka heaven. and i thought that this might be me foreshadowing the future and all of these guys were going to hell, and i really didnt want this to happen. i went and sat alone in the living room, still thinking. soon, everyone migrated to the living room, and i was intensely happy, because my friends were going to heaven after all! we put on a movie, and by the time it was over, my trip had worn off.

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