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god and goddess

This is the story of the best trip i have yet had.

This is the story of the best trip i have yet had. It was incredible. It was awesome, and in the course of this remarkable journey, i realized what the sum of my entire existence was to be; I am here for i am god. Now, now all you zealots out there, before you scream blasphemy, hear me out.
I have to begin by giving a brief back ground to this trip, because the experiences of this trip would not have happened the way that they did without an understanding of previous experiances in mushy world. The first trip was a shocker, didn't learn shit, but i did loose touch with reality and lost the ability to communicate. For all you first-timers out there, read your stuff first. And don't limit yourself to one trip, especially if its bad. after that i triped with a K, a really good friend, but she was not my girlfriend, who had acctually supplied the shrooms and was selling them at my Christmas party. Wich is a very good story that i will write about later, but the important thing is that me and K came out of it with a very strong bond. The trip with most relavance to this story was two weeks prior. Hempfest, Seattle. I spent the entire week before with nothing on my mind but psycodelics. I had even riden my bicycle accros Washington state to get there. Intense. My whole Hempfest experience was mind blowing, and i did loose the incredible high resulting from the acumalation of the whole thing until sometime in the middle of September. (but that was pretty shitty for everyone)at the end of the two day event,this volunteer radio dj from Portland, and a friend of M, the guy whose apartment i was staying at, liked my crazy stoned antics and gave me half an eigth of some of those funguys. it was all i needed to end a great experience, and another story, since i have not even gotten to what i was originally going to write about yet, i better get a move on. What is esential to understand the postceeding story is that i figured out the inner workings of my brian, and improved apon it, i must tell the fascinating story, but later(for this has passed brief and into 4:am)As for now, i bring you God

It was Labor Day weekend Seattle, and for all you in the know, you know this means Bumbershoot; and Bumbershoot means all the best in all thats fun and funky. This of course included plenty of substances to alter your chemistry in any way that you might see fit. I was staying in my friends apartment in downtown Seattle, the same setting as the previous trip. And once more all my good friends were there, including K. The girl that i formed a most intimate bond with the previous Christmas.

It couldn't have been better. In the midst of artists, art, phylosophy, comfort, friends, creation, and generally the most surreal environment that is possible without drugs, i began my trip. M had purchased two ounces of psilocybes (i'm not sure what kind)wich were pretty potent. My friend K and i each purchased 1/8oz. and went for a walk with a couple of our friends. I ate mine right away, wile sipping on a jug of o.j. She took it a little slower. one of the perposes of the walk was to find our other friends an alley or roof top to drink beer at. While on the search, and anticipating the inevitable journey, we came accross three anarchists that were in Seattle for a court date resulting from the take back the streets protest a week earlier. They were looking for a little entertainment, or at least that what they got. Strengthened by my bond with K and inspired by Bill Hicks and my voice double, Norm McDonald, i became there personal stand up comedean. It was at about this time that the effects of the shrooms began to take effect. Instead of loosing touch with reality, i began to see reality as a farce, or at least i saw that it was perceived as a farce. It seemed to me that nobody believed anything that they saw, and that i was the only one that was capable of believing it for what it was. These three anrchists were close, and i was going to help show them how it was. Therefore, i gave them a tour of my Seattle. We strolled down the spitpollished tiles of Westlake center, sat on all the pigs, and listened to this jazz sax player. The sound of the music was not enhanced but my understanding of how it made others feel was, i could tell that K was entranced by it, she had let it take control of her, she was at the mercy of the musician. it was a little disturbing. As the night went on, i became smarter, and smarter, figuring out the secrets of the world, and creation. The previous trip had allowed me to view my brian, my mind and all its filings. this trip allowed me to use this knowledge to improve my understanding of the world around me. and i was getting better at it as the minutes progressed. By the time we parted with the anarchists, K was in a compleatly disconected state of mushroom craziness and a little paranoid. I could have handled anything at that time. So we went back to M's apartment.

This is the second part of the journey, out of the glittery lights and spaciousness of an abandon downtown, into a cramped, fairly dark studio apartment with about twenty people in it. All of them knew about me and K, and nobody else was tripping, so they felt the need to try to trip us out, K was so out of it that she couldn't really say anything straight and i understood why. After a while our friends left us alone and K and i had a talk about what was going on. At about this time we were transitioning into our peaks. All the things that happened in the room before, happened again. And K saw it all too, and aparentlly my face was doing something that she could not quite explain, but thats okay because i could see through her skin. Soon, she was far beyond words, so i left her as alone as she could be in that studio and found a spot on the floor to get a little sleep before we were to take on bumbershoot in the morning.

My spot underneath the bed was already taken, but it didn't matter, i was determined to go there, so i did. The inhabitant didn't seem to mind my intrusion, in fact she seemed to rather delighted to see me. So i began to make a nest for the two of us birds which quickly turned into a million year old cave in the darkness and as i looked out at the monkeys that seemed to inhabit what used to be M's apartment, i realized that they were all asleep, (and i was trippin' very hard) so i began to explore this new world. Which was becoming increasingly smaller, to the point that the world consisted of the cave and it's two inhabitants, her and me. It became increasingly clear that this was all that the universe was, and if we were the only inteligences in the whole universe, then we must be god and goddess of this universe. If i was the god of the universe, which only existed underneath my friend's bed (only the bed didn't exist, and nothing existed except for her, me, and the cave(and looking back i'm not sure that the cave was there either) i could make it whatever i wanted to. This universe was my creation, so i fucked with it. I made it resemble a pen and ink drawing, i made it clay, i made it oil. Then i began to change the shape of L with my hands. She responded very plesently by changing my shape as well. (looking back i realize that she had no idea what i was thinking and was just gettin' some, but that's okay) it was beautiful. God and Goddess creating eachother over again. We continued our manipulations until i came back, oh so pleasently, to reality which turned out to be a really great shower

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