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cottage "trip" -- first time

My first mushroom trip was a few months ago.

My first mushroom trip was a few months ago. I was at my friend D's cottage and there were about eleven of us in all, with 6 of us tripping. I had 3 grams (Psilocybe cubensis), and most of the others had the same, except for one guy who took 2 grams, and G who was a more experienced tripper and took 5 grams.
The evening started out uneventfully. Those of us who were going to trip downed our mushrooms in D's bedroom in the basement; they didn't taste very good but it was bearable. Then we smoked several bowls while just chilling on D's bed. We had one of those fiber optic lights set up.. the kind that changes colors and moves, and it was very neat to look at. I immediately began to feel the effects of being quite stoned but the mushrooms hadn't hit yet.
As the mushrooms began to take effect, I put on my discman and the music was amazing. I had made a cd with lots of different kinds of music because I wanted to hear what sounded the best when tripping, and I immediately decided that the ambient, trance-like music was the best. Some of the best tracks were by Enigma. Because I had just made the CD and hadn't paid a lot of attention to what was on it, and with every new song I was so surprised and it was so difficult to figure out what it was I was hearing. D had brought orchestral music and we both realized quickly that for us, the music became like a background track to everything else. We forgot that we were listening to music because it just seemed to be a natural part of the world around us. When the music was upbeat, we were happy. When the music was slower, we became calm. We switched headphones and it was like entering another world.
My friend C was listening to gregorian chants on her discman, and she became convinced that they were talking to her. While we were smoking weed, she thought that the monks were telling her that we were bad and not to be with us. She was talking to them and trying to convince them that we weren't bad and she was getting upset, so I ripped her earphones off. She was upset at first but then she was glad that I pulled her out of that scary trip. C left the room at that point and had several other scary trips that stemmed from other people in the house, who were not tripping, purposefully or accidentally freaking her out.
Eventually we started leaving the room downstairs to explore more. As I got up from the room, my friend S, who was not tripping, came in and was trying to mess with us. As I was looking at her I felt like my heart was beating so fast, like it was going to jump out of my chest. My whole body was buzzing and I felt drunk, but my mind was really clear. D and I went up the basement stairs and tried to open the door, but there were people barring it from the other side. D was getting anxious that we couldn't get up there and started banging on the door, but then I said to him, "we don't have to go up there anyway." It was like a revelation for him. But when we turned around and tried to go back down the stairs, the whole world was on a slant. We eventually got back down the stairs but it was a challenge.
My paranoia started to set in at this point. I was convinced that the people upstairs were talking about me and laughing at me, and I imagined that they were crowded around the door to the basement and I was convinced that I could hear them talking. There were unexplained drips of water on the wall in the hallway, and I was upset that no one could explain to me why the water was there. I became paranoid that I was going to piss my pants or that I had already and couldn't tell.
We went back upstairs and this time we were allowed up, but being in that room with all the people who weren't tripping (they were drinking) got me so nervous and even more paranoid. I went to the washroom, and then after, I couldn't remember if I had done anything in there or if I had made a mess or anything. (It turned out that I hadn't done anything out of the ordinary.)
I went outside on the deck with G, who was chain smoking and just enjoying the cool night air. It was so nice and calm out there, but it wasn't silent. I have believed for a while now that plants can and do talk to each other, and I think that when you are high or tripping or just in the right state of mind, you can hear the high-pitched tone that they talk to each other in. It was great to stand out there, surrounded by trees with no other cottages in sight. There was a tree directly in front of us that was illuminated by the outside light on the deck, and it was like it was bathed in green. All around it were dark, black trees, but this tree was green and looked alive. It looked like it was growing right in front of my eyes and it was very cool to look at.
Eventually D and C came out on the deck as well, and that's when my biggest psychological trip of all kicked in. D said "hey, looking into the cottage from the outside, doesn't it look like we're a big family and we live here together?" He thought it was cool, but it scared me so much. Looking in the window it looked so warm and inviting, and I could see a few of my friends laughing and talking with each other, and it looked so horribly fake. I went inside and just stood in front of the couch, watching how we were interacting with each other. One of the guys who had been drinking was making a joke that I had heard before, and I realized that we all are just actors playing a part for each other. We all have a role in our "family" and we just play it out, every day. Even if we don't like a certain fault about a person, we just accept them like they are family and we exist as if we are a family. I felt like a big veil had been pulled back from my life and I was finally seeing how fake and destructive and horrible it all was.. like I was trapped in a cult and I didn't even realize it.
I went downstairs with D and C, back to chill in D's room. I told D about my revelations on my trip and how upset I was, but he calmed me down by reminding me that we were not in a mental state to deal with it at that moment and we should just put it all aside until later. That was the greatest advice that I got and I was relieved that he was so grounded at that moment. I started relaxing slightly, still a little paranoid but dealing with it better. D had a painting on his wall that looked so real, like I could just walk right into it, and it was cool to focus on that. I was still seeing patterns on the walls but no major visuals.
The come-down was relaxing and fun. We watched Yellow Submarine on video and I listened to some more music. I became very calm and serene about my life and everything that had happened.
Looking back now, I realize that it wasn't so horrible what I realized, but it did give me major insight into how people work and the little world that we construct around us. Several months have passed, and my perspective has changed, but at the time the paranoia was very overpowering and frightening. Since that tripping experience I have become much more insightful and analytical about my life and people in general and why we act the way we do. I want to try mushrooms again, but next time without weed, which might help reduce the paranoia. I have a deep respect for mushrooms and I love the way that they just strip away everything that is fake and unnecessary in life and show you what is really there.

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