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Ok....I just got some fresh shrooms (4.5grams) from my buddy. We decided that we would do them together in residence. So we both ate aroudn the same (4.5 grams), and we sat in his room just chillin, waiting for the shrooms to kick in. Nothing was hapening yet. But hten my buddy's room mate come sin the room and tell sus that there's a big keg party so we wanted to go. $10 all you can drink. So i told my buddy that I'm gonna go to my room to get $ and i'll be back. SO i came up to my room and since i was here, I decided to smoke a coupe joints. So i rolled them up adn i smoked them quickly. I was on my comp whil ei was smoking them. Then 5mins after i finished the joints, i felt a mass fuckin hard hihg just hit me. My monitor all of a sudden started melting and the screen looked like a waterfalls and it looked like there was water falling on my keyboard. I thought i was gonna get wet so i tried to wipe the water off my keyboard with my hands and I noticed that i had big fat puffy hands. I got scared and i went to turn the lights on but the thing is that there were now like 30 lights swticthes all over my wall so i didnt know whihc one was the right one, so i was hitting all these switches and i couldnt find the right one. So i just gave up in despair. I then went to the bathroom and I looked in the mirror and I looked like a zombie. My skin was melting adn i had green blood drippin from my eyes. I got really freaked out. Then i heard someone playing a piano in the kitchen adn when i went there there was no one there. the kichen looked like a forest with wierd branches all over the place. the walls were fuzzy and there were hissing noises all over the place. my room mate wasn't home and i was alone. I was hearing these really high pitched noises and hissing sounds., They were driving me mad. The i heard laughing noises from my room mates room so i decided to go check it out. By this time everythng was distorted adn demented. Things had a purple, green, and black tint to it. Things were fuzzy and fat. When i enetered my room mates room i got really freaked cuz he has neon lamps and these weird psychedlic posters in his room. he has this one poster of an alien smoking a joint and i ended up talking to the alien for like 15mins and i was talking another language. And as i was talking to the alien there were gremlins jumping on his bed lauhign at me so i got scared and confused adn i ran out of his room and i went to my room and i closed the door. I was really scared adn i didnt think i was gonna get normal again. So i thoguth i'd go to bed and sleep off the hihg. Well, i layed in my bed adn i closed my eyes and it felt like my soul was being pulled out of my body. I was having flashbacks to my childhood. It felt like my life was going in rewind mode and once it reaches the end, thats it. Im done. Im dead. So i just layed in my bed havig these flashbakcs and i could see my body laying on the bed. it was as if i was a ghost looking down upon myself. i felt as if i was dying. this is where i get really scared. but i accepted the death that was coming after me. I opened my eyes and in my closet my clohtes were dacning and singing radiohead songs to me (radihead is one of my fav bands). i didnt know what to do. i was mass confused. i was heavily thinking abut life and i knew all these answer's to questions i have always wanted to know in my life. shrooms are like a key to all the things you;ve wanted to know. i even thoguth about suicide and i drew a map of my life and i made shortcuts and little roads where i have been and dead ends. i realized that the end of the map was the end of life and that i dont have to go the long way to get to the end. i could take a sortcut (suicide). i wanted to kill myself, i almost started crying cuz i knew all these answers to my life and i have solved so many mysteries. I felt like i was a nobdoy in the world. so useless and so meaningless. after all that emotional shit i decided to go back to my friends room. i need to have some fun. i went in the halls and everything looked like i was in a video game. Quake 3 in fact. i thoguth i was in quake 3 and i thoguth there was a monster with a gun chasing me. i started running in the halls and i must have ran into 3 or 4 people. I got lost and i couldnt even find my freinds room. So for the next hour i ended up walking the halls just being part of Quake 3. I was shooting guys with a gun and i was first place in Death Match. i was really good. i was Quake 3 champion. I was in a video game. then i dont remember anything after that. the next thing i remember was just waking up in my bed. my whole sense of life was weakened now and i couldnt solve these life mysteries anymore. only shrooms would allow that.
that was basically a general idea of what my high was like. there were some parts wihc i forgot but i was hihg for about 4 hour's i'd say. after about 1 hour of being hihg i didnt wanna be high anymore cuz things got scary.
but it was good overall.

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