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MAOIs and Beethoven

Where to begin?

Where to begin? About a week and half have elapsed sinced the events about to be described occurred. It had been several months since my last encounter with the ego dissolving psilocybin mushrooms. I thought it was high time to seek some enlightenment from the mushroom teachers, but I'm not quite sure what I learned. But I digress for the moment.

The evening began much like any other evening, except with a few extra butterflies floating around in my stomach. It was decided that me and my oh so close friend/girlfriend (complicated situation...another story) would shroom together. We had partitioned ourselves slightly more than 3.5g each of psilocybe azurescens. First however, we made a tea extraction of 10+g of peganum harmala (syrian Rue). The tea was drank, and a half hour passed before the mushrooms were consumed.

I noticed a slightly lightheaded feeling which can be associated with the harmine present in the syrian rue. It was only 20 minutes after eating the shrooms that the tell tale sign were emanting through. I lay on the bed, and my body began to feel disconnected from the environment. The bed and pillow I was laying on seemed to be gently massaging my body and it felt as though I was on a raft, softly traveling down a stream. Shortly after this occurred, the first visuals began exploding onto my horizon. Undulating and breathing the walls became, woodgrain alive like water, and noises began to emanate from the background.

I closed my eyes, and the fractal patterns cast on the back of my eyelids were quite extra ordinary. But I was beginning to be distracted. The noise I kept hearing in the background grew louder. I should mention at this point that we were in a totally isolated setting, so it's not like other people were present, just me and her, and the shrooms. As these noises grew louder they began to resemble spoken voices...but in odd languages and pitches. They were trying to tell me something, but I couldn't understand.
At this point I began to feel nervous about the path I was being led down. Anxiety was quickly multiplied. I began to sweat profusely. I stripped down to my boxers, and burried my head in the pillow. I could feel the bed sheets soaking up the sweet from my body like a sponge. Soon the sheets were cooling my heated body back to normal operating temperatures.

It was at this point that a new noise was being heard. It was like a high frequency static sound. A constant ringing that kept getting louder...was it those voices trying to show me the way to understanding. I could see the noise, and beaming off of it in every direction were answers to mysteries unsolved in my own mind. Answers to questions about the most ancient of philosophies, and the plausibility of each, the scientific direction of our planet, and the frailty of language were being hurled from this giant antenna. I wanted to let myself go, but i couldn't...I feared for the safety of my shrooming partner, and best friend, who was lost from my distant galaxy.

Before my worry could grow into panic, see flopped down on the bed next to me, as if she had fallen from heaven. An absolute beauty, it just took looking into her eyes to see that she understands me like none other has. The noises silently subsided, and the mysteries stayed as such...and as the light of a new day began to shine, I made love to my friend, my soul renewed, and my desire to conquer the unexplored alive and well.

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