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brighter vision

This is a report about my first trip on mushrooms.

This is a report about my first trip on mushrooms. After eating a whole bag of fresh shrooms, covered with peanut butter, I started to walk to school. It is about a fifteen minute walk, and I walked with a apple bowl and a few light green nugs. About five minutes from school, in the woods, I place my bowl next to a tree. With weed still inside the apple, the trip felt like it had already hit me, in 15 minutes. I went to my first class, guitar, and sat down. Not playing anything, because I was only listening to other people play. Another fifteen minutes into class, and all the guitars and talking started to blend into each other. I could'nt listen to one song or one voice without trouble. I was starting to see little dots and bright colors run off objects in the room, almost like colors from a rainbow look. Except the colors never formed visions, only made objects appear alive with color. I got up and told my teacher I did'nt feel well, and left class. I walked home, and stopped by the tree for my bowl. I pick it up and finish the bowl I packed earlier. I am really seeing bright now, all the dead logs are purple orange and pink, and the grass looks florescent green. I arrive at my house, and go take a bong hit, and sit down with my acoustic guitar. I start to play "no woman, no cry" and sing with my heart, my voice escapes my throat clear and loud, the best I have ever heard. I decide to take a shower at my house, to ready for my airplane flight. I think deep about many things, about priests, and dual personalities, and how toenails could have been very good weapons in early days, about how they probably formed harder back then. Every drop in the tub looks like a thought, weaving and joining other droplets, to form awnsers and calmness. The mushrooms I ate this day were supposed to be a shared experience for me and my lover. However, after being a one night stand and not recieving any return phone calls, I had become adapted to this week long sadness, and never occured to me to think of this event all this day. And not again for a couple months, which is a longer story, not related to this. So I call my friend to drop me off at the airport. I enjoy the ride, and we talk about what happend that day, because he ended up being the other consumer of the yield. We both spread peanut butter on our shrooms, and both skipped school, and both noticed the bright colors. He drops me off, and I go to my flight, I only slept during, and was a very calm and short flight for me. I seemed to have been reborn, lost of all trivial thought, and on to nothing I can expect or think of. This was my brighter vision, lasting months, and ending with the same intensity of the wonder of life, being crushed and taken.

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