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Save Me From Myself!

It was a sunday night the week before finals and our six week winter break.

It was a sunday night the week before finals and our six week winter break. My best friend and myself we're trying to finish all the work we hadn't done all semester. In order to stay awake we snorted my friends A.D.D medication (about three aderoll straight to the dome) this was not our brightest idea and we we're experiencing one hell of a come down. We had been looking for shrooms for about a month and had come up epmty handed(drugs are hard to find @ CSUMB).My best friends friend was visiting from down south and we decided to buy some good herb from our friendly dealer a few doors down to help with the come down and try and entertain our guest. When we made our mission our dealer told us he had gotten a few ounces of some pretty nice mushrooms.

Thats when things all started. We rushed to the bank and got as much money together as we could we ended up with a quater of mushies and about an eigth of good northern cali herb. My sister, my best friend and I all split the quater and washed it down with some O.J. They tasted kind of like pumpkin seeds and I swear I was picking the god damned things out of my teeth for days.I wrote a note on my hand reminding me of what I had eaten just in case things went bad.I looked at my watch and it was about 11:00 pm that was the last time I would be able to read my watch for about eight hours.

I knew I had about a half an hour to do whatever I had to do. So I somked a few bowls and got into some nice clothes. This was a task because I kept getting stuck in my make shift shower curtain closet door. It desperately wanted to play but I was on a mission. I changed my clothes but in the process I came across my halloween costume and it seemed like a good idea to wear that instead. So I was wearing these feathered wings and this black leater jacket with fluffy cuffs a colar and shit.

When I finally felt I was wearing the right thing I just knew I was in for one of the most intense trips of my life. I went into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror my wings we're flapping and my hair was blowing in the wind. It was such a freeing feeling. I felt like I had something to learn and I had eaten the mushrooms to expand my mind. I went outside for a ciggarete and thats when I started to lose track of time. I was talking to some random guy and I just couldn't focus on what he was saying I felt so far away from the world but it was really serene. The only way I could have an idea of time was to look at my ciggarette. I was starting to get some nice visuals by now and everything looked like a calidescope.I felt that I finally truely understood why they had made those toys it was all a conspiracy, it was people who had experiemented with hallucinagins and we're just trying to share something with us. At the time this seemed like a logical answer.

My friends found me and we we're headed back to my best friend katy's room. So it was Tara(my sis),Katy,me, and Katy's freind Anne who was being our chaperone for the evening. When we got to Katy's room for some reason anything we said or thought of was extremely funny. We sat and laughed for a long time we we're laughing so hard we just started screaming and laughing more it was great. Around this time I kept thinking I had pissed my pants.

I kept jumping out of my chair and looking down at my pants to me it looked like I had pissed and I felt like I had.I would ask my firends and they ould laugh and assured me I had not pissed on myself but I was not convinced. I contiued to jump out of my chair and apologize to Katy for peeing on her nice furniture. I spent a lot of time on the toilet because I was sure I would just let it out and I was going to be ready. This became intense because I had to battle the mirror everytime I thought I had to go. I started going with the door open because I was too afraid to be by myself.

We went outside for another ciggarette but I coudn't inhale I felt like I was choking everytime I tryed so I just gave up.The stairs outside were hard to climb because they just kept moving. I tryed to reason with them but I was getting nowhere the insisted on moving and giving me a hard time.We wanted to go watch the ocean and the beach was only 5 mins. away but our chaperone rufused to get in the car with us. Katy wanted to drive but she was too fucked up and i didn't think it was a good idea. Secretly I was too afraid to get in the car I thought it might eat me. That's when we ran into the worst possible person ever. Jason Moon is really into Krank and had just got some for Christmas. He wanted to watch us trip so he followed us back to Katy's room.

This was another bad idea when we went into the room everything I looked at was morphing and would not stop. I curled up in Katy's bed and was staring at the lion of zion when Moon decided to have a long conversation with me. He is very animated to begin with but talking to him when your shrooming ballz makes it ten times worse. His face kept moving and he was talking to me about sleep deprivation. He had been up for eight days and was talking to his friend for over and hour before her realized his friend was only a pile of clothes.

By now I had been up for a few days and all this talk about sleep deprivation was scaring the shit out of me. I couldn't get away form him he had me cornered I was in fetal postion and was grabbing my head. Tara was on the next bed over wrestling this giant pig and trying to call out to me. I was in desperate need of comfort but when I saw Tara and Katy's faces they were morhping too and I thought they were just like Moon. That is when I realized I was in this alone for the rest of the night I didn't do much talking it was of no use no one could me. I pleaded with them to save me from myself but it was no use.

I went and sat in my favorite zebra chair directly across from me was this Simpson's calendar, Homer was one of the scariest mother fuckers I had ever seen but we understood each other. I tryed to check the time but the hands on my watch were just spining around so I deciced it wasn't important. My jacket was morphing so I just tryed not to look at it for too long. I look to see what was on my hand but I couldn't make sense of the writing. Thats when I started to watch the ahnging plant. It would wither and die and then grow again it did this for a long time I think I sat and watched this plant go through the cycles of life it was amazing.

It was getting later and we had all decided we had had enough of Moon.Tara thought he was the devil for sure so we did what we had to we ran. It took a while to lose him but eventually it worked. We went back to Katy's and tryed to get comfortable then I realized Tara was wearing the same clothes as yesterday. I felt like I was trapped in a point in time and was not going to ever get out. Anne was getting tired and eventually passed out. We left a note taped to her for Katy's roomates becuase they weren't home and wouldn't know who she was.

We made the trek back to my room but this was hard because Tara kept seeing people in the empty buildings and wanted to see what they were up to. We dragged her all the way back. When we got to my room we turned on the TV Icubus was on and it was the only thing that wasn't scaring me so I watched. This turned out to be another bad idea because music videos were very intense at the time. I decided I needed to sleep. After this everything is kind of hazy but I'll do my best to sort it out.

I felt like I finally understood the things I was seeing I knew that the tv was sending out sublimital messages you could only understand if you had eaten mushrooms. Tara and Katy left me alone for a long time but it didn't matter becaue in my mind I had been alone all night. I thought I had fallen asleep but I was just alying in my bed for five hours curled up in the corner. There were little faces in the wall calling for me but I couldn't get to them I just kept banging my head on the wall.All three of us were in the bed at this time I think. The wood work on my bed was moving as well as everything else in the room.

It was about seven in the morning when I could finally read my watch it was still hard but I could get it to stop moving long enough to check the time. I didn't know why it was spining around. I looked at my hand and saw the remains of a note I had written myself. I didn't remember it. I started to think I had died. I didn't just think I was sure of it. I didn't know what day it was or how I got into the clothes I was wearing and all of it started adding up. I didn't know where Tara and Katy were but I figured they must have climbed to the top bunk. I got up and I felt extremely drained.

I started to question Tara and Katy but they were in no mood. Then I fell to the ground I don't know why maybe exhastion. They told me to smoke a bowl and get back in bed so I sat down at my desk to pack a bowl. I fell out of the chair and realized it was use less so I crawled back in bed to sleep it off. I woke up around noon with a terrible headache and that was that.

That was the last time I ate mushrooms Im sure Ill do it again I don't know if Ill ever make sense of that night. Mushrooms fuck with your sense reality. It was awesome.

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