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Coolest, best, scariest night ever...

It was a somewhat cold night when me and my brother decided to trip on schrooms.

It was a somewhat cold night when me and my brother decided to trip on schrooms. we were outside in a tent close to our house. we had 1 1/2 grams each of good stuff.. we chewed them while drinking red juice and while just talking about the good ol' times. After about 45 minutes we started talking faster and noticing rapid heart beats and noticed our breathing quite a bit. dots and waves of colors came into view. we laid in the tent and laughed at our experinces as it was our first time on the wonderful mushrooms. we smoked some ganja and immidiently after went for a walk around our block. right as soon as we got to the road i did not remeber the walk to the road very well.. i was not really aware of what i was doing. then things went bad.

About 3 minutes into our walk we heard something in the bushes.. this was not our imagination. this was real. A HUGE! dog came running in the middle of the road and stopped.. didnt growl didnt do anything just ran infront of us and stared.. we walked fast to the right and went back a very dark trail. i did not look back once. my brother did not either. we walked striaght.. i would have kicked that dog to death if it attacked me.. but i knew if i did my brother would run for his own saftey.

Anyways. we got back home and went into the tent. still horrified from the event we talked about things to get our mind off of it. i put my head under the blanket and closed my eyes and all of a sudden i could see outside in to the sky and trees. my brother talking was not audible and i was totally zoned out. i opened my eyes and the tent faded back into view. i sat up and my brother was yelling that he could see long colorful straws (drinking straws) coming out of my back. i became tense and had to focus on breathing.

When the time came for sleep my brother was asleep long before me. i was still tripiing because it had only been about 2 hours. i heard screams in the distance then remembered the damn dog. i was thinking that the dog was attacking people and i was hearing their cries.. i didnt get much sleep that night.. but im glad it happend to me.. it was an awsome experience. i cant wait to do it again ( maybe next time ill stay indorrs and do it during the day, not night)

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