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Reptillian beings

The following is an attempt to put words to experiences that cannot be rationally explained.

The following is an attempt to put words to experiences that cannot be rationally explained.

My first supernatural experience came at the hands of a large dose of psilocybin cubensis mushrooms around August of last year. My sister and I ate the shrooms, sat around listening to Pink Floyd and waited. I started to get mild visual effects and nausea, and decided to take a quick bath to calm down and feel better. My mind was in total disarray, I couldn't comprehend how to turn the shower on and when I did it scared me, so I just sat in the tub naked and blacked out. During this time I was having intense hallucinations of blood dripping everywhere, and I was terrified. From far away I heard my sister knocking on door, saying "Adam!?! Please come out here, oh my god Im freaking out help me" but I was so scared that I couldnt bring myself to open the door. I thought that it was some kind of demon pretending to be my sister to trick me into opening the door. This part of the trip was symbollically significant in that I had to summon the courage to open "the door" into the unknown. Finally I stumbled out and was overwhelmed with love at having someone there with me, someone to experience this with so that I wouldn't be alone. This was also symbolic to me, in that it showed me the power of unity and love to overcome fear and loneliness. From this point on I felt like I had entered a new dimension of pure light where I actually stepped outside of the boundaries of time. The possibilities were endless, I could summon anything I wanted from the vast amount of universal information that swirled around me... In the back of my head I felt something spinning at super-fast speeds, like I had accessed some dormant part of my brain that allowed me to become God-like. I had brought together both parts of my brain, I had transcended. I closed my eyes and floated out of my body and looked at myself from a higher perspective, and from this perspective my cross-legged body morphed into a phallus, and I felt that my whole body was a penis and that I had ejaculated out of the top of my head, and that it was a divine union with my own divinity and the higher powers of the universe. Afterwards I floated higher and farther until I was in space, flying away from Earth and approaching another planet. Only this planet was a conscious being and I could sense it communicating to me. It felt fatherly, and was telling me that I was on the right path and that the purpose of my existence on Earth was to survive the changes ahead and to help rebuild afterwards. It sent me visions of cataclysms on Earth, especially of water and tidal waves. It showed me and a small band of people fleeing to the mountains before all this took place. And suddenly I returned back to my room with my sister in front of me. As I looked into her eyes her head morphed into some kind of superhuman (exactly like the actors in the Tool video "Schism"), and I sensed that it was what we looked like in our home dimension. After awhile I was gently set down into my forever changed reality while repeating over and over "there is much to do, much to prepare for".

My second life-changing mushroom trip came a few months later... It was 1 in the morning and I was alone in my house when I ate the shrooms. The same feeling of terror and loneliness overwhelmed me for what seemed like an eternity. I was in my bed in a fetal position crying out for help, for comfort, for knowledge of what the hell was going on. And that is when I felt the other presence in the room... I saw visions of snakes slithering all around me, and the repeated image of a snake swallowing its own tail in a circle above me. It was communicating with me but the messages were faint. The feelings I got were that this reptillian race was so much more advanced and above humans that they looked at us like ants on an ant hill. I was being told that I had called for something, and that they would give me that something, but for a price. I don't know what the price was but I was aware of paying it on some other level. Thats when I realized the snakes were inside my body. I could feel them under my skin and I was very scared but they calmed me down by saying that it was all a "part of the plan". Things are really hazy but they also told me that humans wouldn't exist if it wasn't for them, and that they created us and most life on Earth with reptillian characteristics.

Since this last trip I've had what could be called "awakened Kundalini" symptoms... muscle twitching and spasms, vibrating prickly feelings upon waking, intensely hot energy surging through my upper chest and back, weird pressures in my skull, digestive system problems, painful numbness everywhere, and emotional hypermovement through different extremes (warm and joyful love to cold and painful fear). I suspect these reptiles to actually be ourselves but in another dimension, and at the base of our spine is where a direct link to them lies dormant. When this link is fully opened we connect with them in divine union and bliss. I ponder that these ancient reptiles were once on Earth and decided to leave to live somewhere far away but created and left us to evolve. I also wonder if most of our major advances in evolution have came from them unconsciously and in dreams.

I leave with an interesting quote I found:
"The shaman seers of the Fourth World generally agree that those who tenaciously cling to the past will fall into mass insanity. The serpent power of the Aquarian Age is upon us. The Kundalini of Gaia is about to awaken. No one can avoid being affected. Most human beings may go out of their minds; others will go beyond mind." --John Hogue


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