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St patty's day shroo

I little background about myself, I’m a 20-year-old white male who has shroomed a good 30-50 times.

I little background about myself, I’m a 20-year-old white male who has shroomed a good 30-50 times. I have never wrote in detail about a trip before but I thought I’d give it a try.
This isn’t a reflective piece, I’m not remembering what exactly went on from a particular trip, I AM ON the little goobers right now, well I'm anticipating the high at least. I can’t wait. I’m about to pack a few bowls of the bomb Cali dosia to speed up the process. For those of you that don’t smoke weed, you’re missing out. Whatever drug it is you may be taking, a little marijuana always intensifies the trip.
So it’s 4:10, and I’m just waiting for time to tick. The shrooms that I ate are BOMB! I have taken this type of mushroom already three times, each trip has been the most fun I’ve ever had on mushrooms. I got these shrooms from my buddy who grows them. I forget the name of the spores but I believe they were Hawaiian something or others. Each time I tripped off this type of shroom I have eaten 3.5 grams, which would be 20 dollars worth, and tripped just right. Not too hard to the point where I’ve lost my mind, or not to little to the point where I am forcing myself to hallucinate. I’m talkin’ JUST RIGHT!
4:35 – I feel the head change slowly creeping (thanks to the weed). The computer screen has also taken a bit of an extra glow to it. But then again I’m probably just anticipating the hallucinations. That was one thing about these shrooms that I’d liked, the VISUALS. One of my previous trips, I boiled the shrooms, and had the best trip of my life because the visuals where unbelievable, so many colors and closed eye visuals that are far better than any computer generated screen saver or anything like that. But sorry I’m getting off track. Damn, It’s about 4:45 now I am tripping(I mean having visuals). Dope.
It’s becoming harder for me to write. I can’t think of what I want to write because before I finish what I wanted to originally say another thought has interrupted and I don’t even remember what I wanted to say in the first placxe/. Damn, that’s some shit.
It’s funny because I know how to make myself trip harder and see more shit than then a first time tripper would (I believe).
Sometimes you just have to forget about your thoughts and just see what’s in front of you. Let your slef hallucinate. Imagine.
I love the mind, psycilocybin seems to open uncharted areas of the mind and fill it with semen.
See that damn thing about not being able to remember what you wanted to say in the first place is interrupting my freaking thought process. Plus I type slooow so it is hard to keep up with my thoughts. By the time I finish typing this I won’t be able to remember whatever it was I was thinking about to begin with.
Sorry, I just reread what I've been writing and it Blew my (fucking)mind!
Damn, it’s 5:00 and I’m losing it. TOO many thoughts. Calm the thought process down. TOO many, too many. But what are they about????
I pause for a second and sit confused. I don’t remember my thoughts because they’re coming at a pace too quick. I’m making myself sick and insane trying to sort and decode my own gibberish. I mean thoughts but at this point they are one in the same.
It is so hard to write, right now. It seems nothing I am writing makes sense. Does it??
It’s 5:05 and boy I’ll tell ya I’d thought it had been twenty minutes or so, time is lost when it seems you are moving in hyperspeed. I have probably thought of 500 things in the last five minutes. I had to take a minite and puff a bowl, because nothing is making sense anymore. I ‘ll write less and think more. Yeah. Figure the world out and solve all of it’s problems. I can do it if I put my mind to it.
For some reason everything is hysterical. Why???- the shrooms Da!!(EAT ME!!!!!!) DOH!!
I think I’m laughing because at times I think shrooms can take you into the mouth of madness.
They twist my reality into something unregognizable and make me thoughts shoot out. THAT”S The shrooms talking again. I feel I have split myself into two upon completing the rest of this paper. Sir Shroom being my worse half, and myself being the other. Dr. Jykell is cool but the shrooms brings Mr. Hyde out of hiding. And he don't give a fuck about being law abiding, I should add.
Well, I have officially lost it!
I should have mentioned that I am tripping
By myself
Just the computer and my thoughts.
Good thing I’m equipped for battle.
On shrooms I also toy with my religion I don’t even want to get into to that, fuck it.
I think I’m just going to kick back and enjoy the show in the ceiling.

20 Minutes later….My girlfriend comes home.
Life is complicated at times and I’ve just now for some reason come to that conclusion.

Girlfriends are a problem too at times, especially when your shrooming and they are sitting rite behind you nagging in your friggin ear.
Shit! I just realized that I have to go to my Mom’s to eat dinner at 6. !!!!
It’s funny how a trip can be going so pleasant but then develop into something so rotten and horrible.
I just realized how many complications I have right now. I gotta go, wish me luck.

9:00 – Well it’s great to get back to the computer. You would think that with all the drama I had early it would make tonight a drag but dinner at my mom’s went great. It was awkward at first and I definitely wouldn’t suggest it to anyone that is inexperienced in the ye old shroomery department. Yeah I know I don’t really make sense sometimes but I can always blame it on the shrooms. Yippeeeeeee!!! If your going to see your parents you better control your high and be able to play it off.

I love reminiscing’ on the good old days and past trips. I always compare current trips to my past trips but with these shrooms they seem to blow the past trips away. Seriously. There may be a few reasons why these shrooms are so good to me.
1- 1. I know my source!!! My Good friend wouldn’t fuck me over or rip me off would he. NO. I feel a certain amount of comfort knowing that the shit is good. Same thing applies for E, know your source, at least try to get some info about it.
2- 2. Stay in the comfort of your own home. Again I need the safety. At times it is hella fun riding in cars but then again I have been paranoid thinking that a cop is always after me. So I would suggest just stay at home. Party atmospheres are also cool, but remember that you don’t have control over other people especially those who are heavily intoxicated. Be careful.
3- 3. Chill with your friends or family. Trust has been a big issue for me in the past. Trust the people that you shroom with and the results will be pleasurable.
Last time I shroomed I felt a deep connection with Mother Earth. It was pretty cool; I also did a lot of talking and thinking with God. We still have a lot to discuss. I wish he would talk back though.
The thing that I love about shrooms is that they make me THINK.
They also feel good. But I think most importantly.
you know, the whole shabang!
I gotta go talk to my girlfriend and get away from this screen (I swear to god the screen is pulling me in like a fuckin tractor beam BZZZZZ).!!!!! Dilemma, type or tap (dat ass).. Easy choice. I’ll be back don’t ya worry ya pretty little head.

2:00 –still runnin’, somehow, I thought you are supposed to pass out after sex. Well I guess that’s not the case when you are wired on shrooms. Another thing that I love about these shrooms is their come down. It’s Smooth, not rough like some of my past trips. I don’t feel retarded and my brain isn’t all mushy. I will hopefully be able to get up and go to my 9 o’clock philosophy class in the morning. I’m glad that I don’t have to get drunk or smoke hella bowls to take off the edge. I have no complaints. I love everything, I love shrooms. You should to. Be curious.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Hope you enjoyed my trip because I certaintly have. Peace.
March 17, 2002.
The R-I-N-G
Learn about it………
NO Town, CA

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