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Kansas went bye bye

I've wanted to experience mushrooms for a few years now, but the opportunity hadn't presented itself but I was an avid reader of all things psychedelic especially this site.

I've wanted to experience mushrooms for a few years now, but the opportunity hadn't presented itself but I was an avid reader of all things psychedelic especially this site. This last Saturday, I bought some cubensis from a good friend and decided that I would experience them for the first time. I told my wife what I was about to do (she used psychedelics when she was younger and would understand) so she got a place downstairs in our house very comfortable for what I was about to go through.

An hour before consuming the material, I took 150mg of 5htp (available at most health food stores) I read that pre-dosing with 5htp would make the experience more intense. Again fifteen minutes before taking the mushrooms I took 100mg more. I had read that mushrooms tasted terrible, so I decided to mix what I had with concentrated orange juice. I had three caps and about four stems. I mixed them with four tablespoons of frozen concentrated orange juice about ½ hour before I was going to take them. I hoped that the citric acid in the juice would make the alkaloids in the mushrooms more available for my body to use (turning them into alkaline salts). I went downstairs with my mushroom concoction and ate every bit of it.

This was going to be my first experience with any psychedelic, so I really wasn't adequately prepared for what was going to happen to me. I marked the time as 12:00pm. Fifteen minutes later my legs felt like rubber, and the walls were curving inward towards me when I breathed in. Then normal when I breathed out. I laid down on the carpet, soft music playing in the background. Then "Kansas went bye bye"! The first five minutes of my trip were exciting, but as I got deeper and the mushrooms started taking effect, I became concerned, and frightened that the experience was going to be too intense. I wanted to throw up, to get the mushrooms out of me, even though my stomach wasn't upset, I just wanted it to stop. My wife told me to lay back down and get comfortable and stop worrying. I laid back down and the mushrooms started doing their thing even stronger, much more profoundly then I was prepared for. My body soaked into the carpet, like a five gallon bucket of soda. My mind fought with what was happening to me, every sense in my body was heightened. My wife started massaging my feet, which was an unbearable amount of stimulation to endure. The music was also too much to take, and somehow I was able to communicate to my wife to turn it off and stop massaging me. She dragged my upstairs to our bedroom and tucked me into bed. Then she snuggled next to me and fell asleep.

I on the other hand was not relaxed or ready for sleep. I rested my head on my arm which I felt was a circle that stretched into eternity taking me deeper into the journey than I was before. Then reality started slipping. I was transported onto a desert landscape with alien creatures hiding just beyond my eye site. They would make clicking noises that would rise in tone from an audible beep rising to beyond human hearing. Then instead of being on the desert landscape, I Was the desert landscape, stretching out for infinity toward the horizon in all directions. Then I was the sky above the desert as I breathed in and the desert below as I breathed out. As this was happening, every thought I had would go on repeating itself, first as a thought, then as a rippling vibration that would make waves in either the sky or the desert—which ever I was at the moment.
I think for a while I was both my legs inhabited the sky and my head and torso the sandy desert.

This is where Captain Kirk, Jesus, Leather Egyptians, and the Spider monkeys entered the scene. I would interact with each of these characters individually, each of them as very concerned about a handkerchief and a purple banana I was carrying. It would be impossible to explain how this all occurred but sometimes they were talking to me and other times I was them talking to myself, very "out of body". This went on for a couple of hours. My wife put her arm around me in bed and I felt the sun coming up on the desert landscape, heating my back with it's rays.

About this time, I realized that I was the creator of the world. As God I controlled everything that went on. All the characters that were in my hallucination left except for the Leather Egyptians who let me know that they were in control and not me. My mind broke up into thousands of patterns and millions of colors. A sound that started as a buzz in my head became a radio broadcast as my body melted away and I became each of the patterns I had seen.

I decided to open my eyes, it didn't make much difference in my visions. Somehow I looked at the time which was 3:20 AM. I swam to the kitchen (reality and my visions become one) the patterns incorporated the walls of my house as I walked down the hall. I got some cool whip from the fridge and breathed in the Nitrous Oxide. I held my breath and walked downstairs. By the time I got there, a white blanket enveloped my sight and made it hard to see. Patterns of sounds invaded my eyesight and made ripples in what I saw (an interesting effect you cannot adequately explain). I could function in reality, and decided to write in a notebook that I found. The pages were so thick it was like writing on cardboard. I wrote notes to myself like I was in second person then in third person. These were very profound, meaningful notes that were very revealing, about half of them make sense to me right now but I for some reason I know they are important and I'll keep them for a long time.

I played around the house, and even when outside around 5:00 AM in the morning. It was snowing and quite beautiful. I didn't feel the cold but I felt a vague pain all over my body after about 15 minutes with just my pajama bottoms on outside. I realized that it must be cold that I was feeling. I decided to go back inside and go to bed. I took me an hour to go to sleep because patterns of colors would be so strong it was hard for me to think about anything else. I took a hot bath which calmed me down enough to ignore the colors. I went to sleep.

The next day I felt a general body high that was vaguely like being drunk on pot but not as funny. This kept up until around 3:00pm the next day.

Great experience, I will want to do it again in a few months.

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