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if TIME could STOP

Hello everyone.

Hello everyone. This is my 1st report, as this is my second tripping experience. My first trip was too much. I didn't really take time to focus on what was going on so it wasn't as fun as it should of been. I'll give you a run down of the night. I decided to take mushrooms by myself rather than with a group of friends. This is ok to do but be careful, especially if you are just starting out with this drug. I decided to take them by myself because I only had a little over a half eighth and I wanted to see what my mind could do without other people tripping around me. I asked my roommates (I am a college student) to watch over me as I embarked on my trip and they agreed to do so, with of course, some marajuana in their lungs. I took the mushrooms at 9:30 P.M. I was emotionally geared for the experience and very excited. I knew what I was going to see so that let me relax a little more, compared to the first trip. Within 30 minutes I began to feel funny. My legs and arms felt all disjointed and I began to feel slightly behind myself. I asked my roommate Blake to walk with me to campus (we live about five minutes away from our campus). The entire walk to campus, things were begining to breathe and come to life. I chatterd away as we walked, giving answers to Blake's quetions about the expeirence. We then began to talk about bad trips and why people have them. NOTE: (read Heaven and Hell by Huxley if you haven't tripped, this will give you an idea of your mind frame while tripping.) I felt pretty normal as we walked back to our apartment. The trip did not feel as strong as my first. We arrived at my apartment and everything was sort of stretched out and things were still coming to life. My other roommates and friend were playing videogame hockey. The clock read midnight. I assumed that I was peaking but wasn't sure. My roommate handed me some marajuana. I smoked a little and the trip immediately took on a new course. Metaphorically speaking, it was as if I was on a sail boat in the middle of the ocean, and I jumped overboard and completely sumerged myself under water. I began to think that I was going crazy but kept on reminding myself that it was just a drug. I tried to have fun with it but things just got even more strange. I decided to leave the apartment and stare at the sky. The sky was a light pinkish color and there were many gray clouds out. I convinced myself that the clouds were my mind's creation. I had dellusions of grandeur and believed that I could control the movement of the clouds. As I thought about moving the clouds, they did so with my every comand. It was as if my mind's eye was taking charge of my consciousness. This bothered me a little bit so I went back inside. We all decided to take a car ride to get some fast food. As I sat in the car, I kept staring at my roommates' faces and my hands. I felt disgusting. I felt extremely strange being inside of a body and wanted to get out. I didn't want to kill myself I just didn't want to be stuck in a body. I kept having these flashes of child birth and death. The Beatle's Revolver was blasting on the stereo. She said was playing and I thought about the lyrics. 'She said, I know what it's like to be dead.' I felt as if I had died and was watching myself in this body. My friends sensed something was wrong but could not help. I was in another world and at complete loss with reality, stuck in a car. I remember looking at the radio clock and it read, 12:41. After what felt like an eternity, I glanced back and it said 12:47. On mushrooms, time exists and ceases to exist at the same time. You come to this realization that time is the mind's creation to stabilize our thought patterns. On mushrooms, time is shattered and turns into something else. Time stretched out completely for me. The entire car ride lasted for weeks and weeks. I was going through a nightmare but the only thing that kept me going was being aware that I was on a drug. I danced around in these very dark areas of my mind but still was able to hold onto myself. When we returned home, I went to my bed and began to sketch. I am writing this report as I am still coming down. It is 4:00 A.M. and I am still trying to sort out this roller coaster of an experience. There was aboviously a lot more that went on as I am just giving you the surface. The one thing that does stand out from a mushroom experience if you have never had one, is that of the mind's own creation of heaven and hell. The mind twists, bends and warps, it's just whether or not you periceve the twisting, bending and warping as a dream or as a nightmare. Have fun and be safe. You can email me with more questions, rgdfilms@hotmail.com--------------------------I just proof-read this report and thought of something. No words can ever descibe the mushroom experience. They are unique and personal and vary from person to person. Things that I say about stepping out of body and feeling as if time was an eternity are just crude representations of the actual experience. I enjoy this quote even though it has been tossed around this web site many of times.----------------------------------"You are born alone, you die alone and you trip alone."

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