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Golden Glow :read:

First of all lemme tell you a little about mylself in live in los angles am 17 years of age and have tried shrooms about 3 times my first 2 trips were just trials to get used to them before I had this trip.

First of all lemme tell you a little about mylself in live in los angles am 17 years of age and have tried shrooms about 3 times my first 2 trips were just trials to get used to them before I had this trip.

Now lemme tell you about how i got the shrooms heh. I was working for a drug dealer and was hanging out with him he was a cool guy really and he paid me loads for hardly doing anything cos he was so freaking rich and was helping him measure and package the shrooms and just drooling ove them as i was putting each eighth in a bag (there were about 40 of em!) and i ended up with having 3 bags of shrooms weighing 1/4 pound.Now these werent my shrooms mind you they were all his and couldnt do anything with em and he was keeping a close eye on em. I thought to myslef maybe i should just take em an run but i didnt know if it was worth it at all. But I had to get out there so i grabbed one of the bags and snuck around the house (with about $300 cash in my pocket...2 days work niggaaaa) and as i left his gated yard his bodygaurd saw me and i just let the adrenaline flow and i ran faster than i ever have in my life. I know this was a stupid thing but i couldnt work with him forever...i had my dad worrying about me and my friends and stuff.

Now here i am on a sunday after noon with a fat fat bag of shrooms and loads of cash. I tried my hardest to not get stopped cus i was looking suspicious as hell walking through the streets of la in the middle of the day and i didnt want to risk anything. I walked down the la river and took some shrooms (raw) and they tasted great to me, i knew i had to sell some and i was feeling so good i stopped some kids my age and asked if they wanted any they all said no (pussies). i then thought i should go to my friends house which was just up the road but first i stopped at the local 7-11 and picked up some sobe green tea and some food and cigys which i didnt feel like smoking at all.

I was feeling really good, thats all i can say. my friend wasnt home so i went to my other friends house which was up laurel canyon i felt like saying hi to everyone i met and talking to them. Once i got to my friends i was tripping slightly but not to hard at all i was so happy to see their were 3 of my best friends at Adams house which is the coolest palce to chill and trip or whatever. So here i was throwing money and shrooms everywhere and giving them some they were very excited to see me too with such bountiful wealth. I took some more shrooms about another 8th or two(they were small liberty caps i think VERY high qaulity) and gave them an 8th to take for now but said you have as much as you guys want. adams grandma came down and i just smiled at her (shes german and doesnt speak much english)
and she was kinda suspicous but didnt really care. os we all put some jimi hendrix and talked about stuff like life and hjow much fun were gonna have tonight.

I started to feel the shrooms hit (finally ..sorry about this being so long fellow shroomers) pretty hard all the colors in the dark garage were changing and i looked at adam, uciel, and warren and their faces looked really funny to me so i just started tol aughand they joined in. it felt like we were all joined together and really united like we were having the same exact trip. I closed my eyes and i could see anything i wanted to i playd games in my head as i was telling my friend about it, i felt completly in control. When i opened my eyes i look at myslef and my whole body was glowing gold! i meditate (or try to at least) and so i assumed the position and asked adam what e saw ...when he told me i was glowing i smiled and an intrnse happiness came ove rmy body like a wave all my worries and conditioning in life disappeared as did my ego.I felt and infinite knowlege come unto me i asked my friends to ask me anything they wish i felt superior to humans in a way but not in the egotistical ways i was evolved i felt a light shine through my whole body like a warm blanket of love and hapiness and i told all of them how i was feeling and they couldnt feel like that for some reason but they were enjoying the trip nonetheless.

I opened my eyes and it was as if my whole perception had changed about everything. I thought i hope i feel like this forever and i knew i would if could just open my mind fully and realize the ultimate truth. The succestion of birth and death is never ending (samsara) unless you can find bhuddahood and i had found it, it was unlike anything i will ever experience again. My mind was truely open for the first time and i owe it all to the golden teacher mushrooms to everything and anything love happiness and peace (i dont wanna go to into it because its long enough already)
-Maximus (shaggi00@hotmail.com for anything)

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