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Fight Club Smile

Me and my S-buds stev and D decided too all trip one night with more then we've ever done before which meant that I would be taking just abot 2 eighths while my buds both had a substantial amount themselves.

Me and my S-buds stev and D decided too all trip one night with more then we've ever done before which meant that I would be taking just abot 2 eighths while my buds both had a substantial amount themselves.

We ate them in stev's room with strawberry jam which was extreemly odd to me but I did it anyway cuz it was all he had down there and I really didnt care how we did it since it was the largest dose ive ever done and i wanted to do it fast so Id get messed up and hopefully see visuals.

We sat in his room for about 45 min watchin animal planet until I realized exactly how sticky my hands were from the jam. I asked them if theres were too and they both agreed but did nothing about it since they were both amazed how all the animals hated jeff corwin and always attacked him.

Then we all just talked for a while about our personalities and the personalities of our other friends trying to figure out why exactly we are the way we are which all came to us deciding that we know everyone of our friends way to well. (Now this lasted about an hour and fifteen min)

Then D turned on this trip thing on stev's computer and we all were amazed at the morphing and colors on the screen until I looked at the clock and realized the time. "I Have To Go Home!" I exclaimed to my buds. "Why?" they both asked.
"Because I have work in the morning and i cant miss it so I need my sleep." I replied. Then I ran up the stairs and was about to go out the door when i realized my hands were still very very sticky from the jam even more sticky then before. So I ran up the stairs and flipped on what I thought was the light neer the sink and a loud grinding noise came from it. So I decided to use the fawcet in the dark because I had no Idea what just happened, so as i reached for it and I couldnt grasp it I tried the light again with the same result which really scared the shit outta me (which is now odd considering I did it a min before) but this time I left the "light" on. Then out of no where i hear a voice askin me what im doing it was stev's dad and the stev flipped on the light and saw that i had the garbage disposel on. He explained to his dad that I was on shrooms and his dad told me about a time he did it and then went back to bed.

Then I realized again that I needed to sleep so I could go to work the next morning and ran out of the house! But instead of taking the usual trail rout or even just the roads i ran behind stevs which has a big fence around it and proceded to climb it which I got over no problem but the next fence was an even larger task by a long shot. As I got to the top and tried to get my footing I fell completly off an hard to the ground. It should have hurt a lot more but I was so worried about getting home I just poped up and started running all the while looking around me to make sure I was in the right neighborhood and I couldnt recognize a thing which is absured because Ive lived there all my life. Finaly I saw my house and ran inside realizing my sis and mom were asleep i crept down the hall way to my room and laied in my bed. I laid there for about 2 min until I satrted to think about how I seemed to recognize nothing on my way to my house which mad me start to think if I was really in the right house! I looked arouynd but all the light were out so I didnt know what to do. I ran in to my bathroom and flipped on the light.......... thank god I was in the right house! I sat there and looked in the mirrior for a while which I herd was a bad thing to do on shrooms but it was pretty fun to tell you the truth I did silly poses and made faces to amuse myself to the point of hysterical laughter and then my pager went off.

It was a number I had never seen before but I called it anyway in curiosity and a guy answered calling himself jack and askin me what I wasnted to eat? I told him I didnt understand and he asked if I was in the car in the lot next to BK with jim and I said no. He then apoligized and asked me if I smoked wich I repiled to with a yes and he said when ever I need some to call him. I asked if he had any shroom connects but alas he said no. I hung up and never called him again.

In my room I have a bunch of posters so I was stareing at them from my bed when I decided to red a comicbook. As I looked through my comics I glanced over at my Fight Club poster and there it was right before my eyes brad pit had this amazeingly cartoony smile on his face that sort of resembeled the rolling stones logo without the toung but with bigger teeth. The lips seemed to move over the teeth a lot as I stared at it for what seemed to be for ever as it gleemed at me and then the phone rang and it was gone. I picked up the phone and it was D and stev wondering how I was so I told them the whole story.

After I got off the phone I decided to go to bed so I turned out all of the light and laied there until I finialy realized there was no way I was falling asleep so I made an attempt at super street fighter 3 but the movement and colors were way to much and I think I played the worst Ive ever played because of it too. So I turned it off and watched TV until day break Laughin at everything on the screeen no matter if it was funny or not until I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning with about 3-4 hours of sleep I went to work and had a wonderful day in sales.

The End

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