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( 1rst let me say that this is kind of long, but it's funny as hell.

( 1rst let me say that this is kind of long, but it's funny
as hell. Well it was for me anyway) I myself have tripped
many times, acid ,opium, bloosh, SHROOMS, you
name it! but by far the time that i over did it a little bit
was when i got it in my head that "today is the day i
loose my fu#*!n mind ", a conclusion i came to after
having a 2 month shroom attack (none for 2 months). I
ran into my homeboy ralphie from HIGH school, and
when i found out he was on deck, a payed him a visit
that night with my homeboy Juan who had only tripped
once before. We bought a 1/4 of an ounce, and then he
threw in a huge mushroom that probably weighed 3/4
of an eighth (unpayed debt). We ran off screaming like
some happy ass little kids because shrooms will do
that too you if your away from them too long. So we
drive to my pad in Sylmar (CA) and we prepared for our
trip. What will ussually happen is i will roll the biggest
f*k!# blunt i can with whatever bud we have. That night
we happened to have a couple of grams of chron's so i
got to work rolling it up while my homie decided to go
and get the blender, hell we did have a crap load of
shrooms any way. So after i finnished rollin we got
some oj from the fridge, and some vitamin C tablets
because i wanted to see if vit. c really did help or not.
We threw in the 1/4, mixed it all up with the rest of the
crap and hit BLEND. In case your wonderin about that
big ass shroom ill get too that later. So it was 6:55, 5
minutes till blast off and we poured two big ass
glasses full of shroom juice, Then at 7:00 we chugged
those bit*!#s down. To my surprise it didnt taste all that
bad, we then went on to light up the fat one. Once we
had smoked about 1/2 of it we cut up that big
mushroom and ate that, all while continuing to smoke
our selves crazy. It was 7:20 and i went to go piss in
the porcilin God before i went insane. As i stepped into
the room i got the feeling, you know what im talking
about, that feeling that you get when youve just started
to Cross Over as i call it. If not, youve got to try some
shroom juice, any how i look at juan and hes laughing
about who knows what, anyway it pisses me off cause
hes trippin before me, so i pick up that roach that i had
just put out and i fire it up, smoking a roach never felt
so good! I finnaly put it out and i look at the poster on
my left and i swear to God there was a fu*#! Black hole
spinnin away in my room, i take one look at Juan and
laugh my ass off, then he starts laughing and pointing
at my face, yess... we are definitely trippin by now (
7:36). At bout this time i loose complete track of time, i
dont even think i look at the damn clock anymore. I tell
Juan that we should try to play the nintendo(the o.g.
one) he nods and i put on mario bros 1, after what
seemed a life time we finally gave up on the first level
and turned the damn thing off. We proceed to go into
the living room (did i mention my mom is in her room
the whole time) and we turn the TV on, ohhhhh shit! we
fu*#@ up there! we must have yelled,screamed and
laughed the whole time it was on, I remember this one
channel where there were about 50 people on the
screen all talking at once, another one a guy was
interviewing a camel in shorts, and my favorite of the
night was the fu#!* teletubbies. If you ever see those
little fuk@#s on shrooms ill bet you a thousand dollars
you cant go without laughing for one minute. Any how
juan is starting to lose his mind on the couch, i mean i
have never seen him so confused in my life, and i
mean confused about every fu!#* thing!! the next thing i
know he is on the phone talking about the little green
I ask who is he talking to and he hangs up and jumps
off the couch " i dont know, i, i what? ..the little green
men" I cant make out a fu!#* thing he is talking about
so i tell him to go talk to the guy in the freezer (just too
fuk wit him). Meanwhile im trippin on the simpsons
who are all in wierd ass clothes and talking funny, it
was just crazy sh#! goin on. Then it hits me where the
hell is juan at? so i turn off the tv and i hear my mothers
door open behind me and i just book it . I end up
running into the bathroom and locking the door, i turn
around and juan is laying in the bathtub talking to him
self. I start laughing again and he looks at me like im a
fu!#* stranger or something. I tell him to get out and he
runs out of the bathroom talking about the walls are
melting, (they always do that in my house) and he goes
into my room again. I sit there in my room spending
about an hour just trying to calm him down cause he is
really flippin out( once again thank you shroom juice)
and i finnaly convince him that if he drinks a shot of milk
and takes two more vitamin c tabs(hahaha!) that it will
create the potion he needs to stop trippin (really just a
bunch of bull sh#!). He finally calms down and we are
at about a level 3 now, so i tell him lets take a walk
around the block we do and i definitely recomend it !
Ther were all of these birds following us, and every
person we saw would stop whatever the hell they were
doing and stare at us with these red eyes, and the fu!#*
dogs! they were all trying to kill me one of them just
started biting through the fence so i ran the rest of the
block, and let me tell you juan wasnt far behind me.In
doing this though we forget what we were doing in the
1rst place, So here we are running around the f#!*n
block, we must have done about 3 laps then it hits me
What the hell am i doing? so we finally walk INTO my
house, and who is in her car leaving my mother! Her
lips start moving real fast and i just yell out "ok ! " not
knowing what the hell she was saying, then she sais
something to juan and he sais "She went to her
girlfriends house" My mom looks at him like hes a fu#!*
idiot and he runs in laughing. We decide to sit down in
my room smokin bowls tripping out on music, and call
everybody and tell them how we were trippin. I finnaly
look at the clock again and its only 9:45! So we go to
the living room and turn on the PS2, we played GTA3
for a couple of hours then, we watched Scarface!
Yes that was our crazy ass day of insanity and i dont
what it was exactly that gave us the extra BOOST, but i
definitely recomend drinkin SHROOM JUICE!!!!!!!
- Dr Psylo.

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