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The Trip to end all

This trip hapened to me last night and it was the absolute best trip i've ever had.

This trip hapened to me last night and it was the absolute best trip i've ever had. I've had 4 trips before, and none of them even compared to this one. In fact, this one was the ultimate psychadelic experience ever so i've decided to give up hallucinogens all together because this is what i want to remember it by. It's spring break here where i live and me and a bunch of friends had taken some mush the saturday before and we still had some left over. An 1/8 and a half to be exact. So the following thursday my friend phones me up and asks me if we could go on a mush trip tonight since he didn't get to on saturday. So when i get there i find that his parents are home and if they knew what we were about to do they would probably kick us out of the house and maybe phone the cops... so it's not the best place to be doing mush, but whatever. We then sit in his basement waiting for his parents to go to bed. We had invited his little brother to look after us so we weren't too loud so his parents wouldn't hear us. so we ate the mushrooms around 1:30 am and we didn't think anything much at all would happen becuase it was such a small dose, only 2.5 grams each. After i downed my dose i walked upstairs to the bathroom and on my way to and from i felt kind of scared by the fact that i couldn't see what was behind me and i didn't want to wake my friend's parents. I'm not sure if it was the mush or not, but it was worth mentioning. This is when i started to feel clostrophobic. I felt this way until one part in the movie Rounders started my trip. I get back and we start watching this movie. It stars matt damon. At one point in the movie he throws a beer bottle against a door and as the bottle broke on the screen the boards along the walls of the room jumped out at me with a loud thud! and then went back again. This was the beginning of the trip. Now this room of his has so many trip toys in it it's not even funny. The main light in this room is a red flood light and it turns everything a different color then it really is. This made everything in the room look shiney and different... almost like liquid but i still knew it was solid. He has a light buld with wax dried on it and the wax is in teh shape of little horns shooting upward from teh light bulb.
beside this are two of those alien slurpee cups from seven eleven you could get a few years ago. Behind this is a poster that looks like it's a magic eye poster, but it isn't it just looks that way. And of course he had a lava lamp. My trip had begun and he knew this. He asked me "Hey man what do you feel right now?". The only word i could think of to describe my feeling was happiness... this stayed with me throughout the entire trip. Now this house is right near train tracks out in the country and all night we had the window open so we could smoke pot. Every time a train went by it would blow it's horn... but i didn't hear it this way. I heard a symphony of whales singing off in the distance. some low, some high, some melting from high to low and low to high and it was interesting because i could actualy see the transitions between high and low ptiched whale moans before my eyes. Of course during all of this me and my friend are talking but that has nothing to do with the drug. Although a few times our conversations were interupted by me stopping mid sentance to stare at an hallucination, but that isn't important. At this point his little brother thought we were raving lunatics im sure. he turned off the movie and started playing driver on the playstation. this fascenated me. Aside from the beautiful singing of the whales outside and the occastional sounds like you always hear in fear and loathing in las vegas at the beginning with the bats, this was the most exciting thing i had ever known... it was like staring into another world... one that we created... wow, i then started the think deeper into things... like what if this worls is just a manifestation of some being and when they wake up it will all be over... how does the relationship between teacher and student really work, are they you're friend? or are they an authority figure? i couldn't figure it out, of course when i tried to express my thoughts to my friend and his brother... it came out like, "You know what i think about with this? Human relationships... how the fuck do they work man? How the hell?" We all had a laugh about this... but it made sense to me. All of a sudden out of the TV screen came a flash of color and light and out came a shooting star that was the same color as the sky on the video game with a large bright star at the end of it. It then faded... almost melted like paint dripping down a wall into the rest of the room. All i could think of to say as i reacted to this amazment and the rest of thepeople in the room were laughing at my sudden trip out was "Whatever man, whatever.". Then me and my friend started to talk and right in mid sentance it hit me... i was still talking, but i couldn't hear it... in fact i couldn't feel my mouth... in facti couldn't feel my body. Normally this wold have brought on a sense of panic upon me, but not this time... this time i was in too good of a mood. I had let the drug take over and was going to just sit back and enjoy it. I then felt a sensation that i was rizing... almost like i was floating... i was floating... i looked down and saw myself... i know this sounds utterly insane, but i was looking at myself from above. i couldn't see my face, all i could see was hair and a body, but im sure it was me. I then suddenly snapped back into my body and started to laugh uncontrollably... this was utterly the most amazing experience of my life... this was the utter best that any drug could do, i thought. I talked to my friend about it afterwards... he said it looked like i was looking at my body like it was the first itme i ever saw it. I then spent the rest of the night laughing hysterically at different hallucinations like swirls on my friend's face, the curtains waving in teh wind. pictures on teh walls dancing... stuff like that, but nothing compares to the "Out of body expeience" or so i call it. We suddenly hit a wall in teh trip then after about 7 hours of extreme tripping. I hit hte couch and it was sooo cumfy. it was the most comfortable thing i had ever slept on... i could feel myself merging with the couch. Like i was sinking into it. I tried to fall asleep but it wasn;t goign to work. the endless singing of the whales outside had not stopped. and now there was a cat outside the window wanting to get in. My friend shut the window for me because he could see i was still tripping. i turned the other way opposite from the window. As i layed there i began to think... what's going to become of my life if i keep doing drugs like this? will i still be able to become what i want? Will this cause any permanent damage? This was when i came to the conclusion that this trip was everything i wanted from a drug... this is why i decided never to do it again. i then turned on the rest of rounders and soon felt sober enough to sleep. as i fel asleep i could still not feel any limbs... if i had my eyes closed and wouldn't have been abl eot see them i would not have been able to tell you where my arms were. But that's alright in teh morning i felt fresh and reguvenated and ready to get some breakfast. My friend's parents didn't hear a thing all night long and didn't say a word. I couldn't believe that i had an out of body experience from such a little dose, but i did... I seriously hope that everyone who tries mushrooms has a trip like this. The entire trip was pure and utter happiness...

Happy Tripping

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