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I did Shrooms with a friend and we were going for a party.

I did Shrooms with a friend and we were going for a party.
We took it 20 minutes before arriving to the place, in the car.

I like the taste of the mush, and found out the trip would come quicker if you chew it 4-5 minutes before swallow it. Some people mix it with food, but i don't recommend that. anyway.

the first effects came 30 mins after the ingestion. At first i had the feeling my mind was speedy .. like .. my brain was so light that i though it was flying in my head. i was looking everywhere, trying to pay attention to everything. I was laughing at everything and had a hard time staying up.

I gave my pot to one of my friend so he would roll the joints. I was buzzed at this time and i though i didn't need to smoke .. but i did it anyway.

we came outside and i was already alone in my world. there was a lot of people outside with us, but i hated it.. they seemed to judge me. i don't know. I smoked and came back inside.

about 10 person arrived at this time .. i was freaking out ! there was too much people(about 40) .. too much talk. at a point, i though everybody was talking to me or about me like 'look how he's buzzed' people were looking at my eyes now wildly open.

10 minutes after the smoking, the visuals came. it hit me like a punch in the face. i though my eyes were to explose.but it passed away after 30 secs. by now, i was seeing blue and black spots everywhere .. like halos coming directly to me. the people around me had a defined face but their contours were blurry and they would stray in the space.

there was a jam in the basement so i deceided to go down there, cuz there was less people. the music was so good. it was a music party (everybody studying in music at the college was there) so you can imagine how the music sounded pro !

I sat in the chair and listened to the music.I felt like i merged in myself. i had wraped my arms around me and i though they melted with the rest of my body, same with the others parts of my body.I was calm,one with the universe(or my matrix, as you'll read)I remember watching the bass drum for a while. each punch declenched a wave of colors from it. i was totally mystified by it.

then the music became slow. i watched the bassist, one of my friend, and started to understand what he was doing with his bass. I knew how he was adding himself to the music and to the ambiance. i understood him so well. then i passed to one of the guitarist there. i was analysing everything he was playing and i was like ' so, thats what he is in the world, thats how he participate to the creation' and i started doing the same for everybody in the room.

the peak of the trip reached during the jam. infact I stayed the whole trip in the basement, listening to music and understanding the world. I wanted to go back upstairs, cuz i knew i would watch and try to understand everybody but the music kept me where i was.. i didn't want to move at all.

then, one of the guitar was given to me. You know the movie 'The Matrix' ? in the end, Neo understands the matrix and seems to block every punch of the agent. my hands were moving like that. it was like ' wow, I understand the music, i understand the guitar' i was playing like a god that night .. at one time , i didn't knew if it was me playing. i didn't heard myself very well, but the others did. the minute i tryed to concentrate on what i was doing i was making mistakes. so i tryed to let the 'matrix' play for me. this was awsome.

after a while i gave my place to somebody else to play, and got back into the 'world understanding' trip
after a while, i could heard voices. i didn't knew where they were coming from, but it was like somebody was talking to me. or many people. i don't remember. i looked around many time to see if somebody was talking to me, but no.

i looked back at the bassist. this guy has fluffy hairs, like an affro. i though it was a medusa ( you know that greek divinity with snakes hairs) his hairs were green blue and white at the same time. i couldn't keep my eyes out of em. it was wonderful

again, i was in the Matrix. the house didn't seem to be mobile. it was like everything was fixed or was a picture. there was no more 3 dimentions exept the other humans there. i was seeing everybody blurry like in the beginning of the peak. but their contours were not only blurry and shattered , but they were full of color.

the trip passed from the world understanding to self understanding. when the music was more 'agressive' i was watching everyone. when the music was softer or deeper, i was focusing on my own life, my own will.

This was the best trip in my life. I recently tryed Salvia Divinorum without succes, to find a reason to my existence. Mush gave me the answer instead. For the first time in my life, i was able to understand the people around me, for the first time in my life, i could talk to someone and watch directly in their eyes.
I'm at peace. Mush OWN!

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