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3 person trip

2 of my friends and I (2 guys and a girl) decided to eat some fresh Cambodian cubensis mushrooms.

2 of my friends and I (2 guys and a girl) decided to eat some fresh Cambodian cubensis mushrooms. I didnt have any scales so im not sure the exact weight but it didn't seem like a whole lot of shroooms. We consumed at around 8:00 and by 8:30 all three of us were already well into our journey. We were worried at first that there might not be enough to have a nice trip. WOW were we wrong. By 9:00 the countertop, carpet, ceiling practically everything was flowing and dancing around. The countertop was a white color with some random brownish patterns too. There was also this pencil sketched picture of Robert E. Lee that was doing some really freaky shit I.e. his face was morphing into other shapes and looked like it was sinking into the wall. Throughout the whole trip there was this overwhelming sense of "oh my god, why did I do this to myself" There were also times when I would laugh without restraint and I honestly thought I was insane. Most of the feelings were ok but some of it was unpleasent. One of my friends lost total grip with reality and kept asking what day it was, who he was, off the wall questions like that. We also had a compilation CD which I created especially for tripping that was mind blowing. This was by far the most intensive, visual trip I have ever had, shrooms or LSD. I decided to rate this trip a level 4 because everything in the room was constantly melting into everything else and wow i just cant describe it. There aren't words to illustrate the feeling of insanity and millions of thoughts running through your head at one time. There was a lot more crazy stuff going on with all this too. In all the trip lasted about 5 to 6 hours. The very intense part lasted a little less than two hours. I guess thats about it, thanks for reading.

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