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One fucked up trip.

I'm not exactly sure what level of a trip this was, but it was intence.

I'm not exactly sure what level of a trip this was, but it was intence..

It all started out on friday, I just picked up 6 grams of deadly mush, I took the bus home and waited until I went to a party.

When I got to this party at about 9 pm, I waited around for no reason at all.. but I took them at 11 pm, about 15 min, I noticed the affects of the mush.. I seen something drip on my pants, but when I looked nothing was there..

I sat there watching Kids for like an hour, then I took a cruize to bring some friends home, I was sitting in the back of my friends van, and my friend M was trying to trip my out.. doing a good job I might add, whenever I'd look at him it looked like he was looking straight at me but he wasnt, he was looking straight out the front window.. and when he was looking at me, it looked like his mouth was moving but he wasnt saying anything..

When we got out of the van, I was getting scared and I asked my friend M to talk a walk out in the field, so we did.. We walked to this play equiptment and he was playing on it, I didnt want to.. for some reason I was afraid to, when he got down I wanted to walk back to my friends place with him, so we started.. and when we were walking back.. he tripped on some ice, and all of a sudden it looked like he was walking like a gimp, his fucking arms and legs were flailing around like a dipshit, I thought he was trying to trip me out, and I kept looking at him like "what the fuck are you doing?" and he kept asking me, "why are you looking at me so wierd?" and all I could say was "whatever" or "I don't know" as we walked back I could hear his jacket moving around like that too, but he was never doing it! that scared me half to death.. but when we went back, I sat on the couch for like an hour saying nothing, and I thought the couch was on fire, but it wasnt.. then we decided to leave, so me and M went to my house (mind you it was around 1am) and when we got back, I stayed on my computer cause I was afraid of looking away and getting tripped out.. but I did anyways, and my friend M was trying to sleep and the blankets were moving up to the celing.. I didnt like that, so I tried to get some sleep on the floor, when I was laying down I looked up into my chair that was beside me and I seen someone like, reaching out for me, and pointing they're finger at me, and that scared me too, so I closed my eyes, when I looked back on the chair he was gone.. so I just found another bed to sleep on, and I finally fell asleep..

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