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Sharing the magic

Hey hey, My story begins last friday night.

Hey hey,
My story begins last friday night...
After work, I picked up an ounce of dried fun, supplied some to and old friend and took the rest over to a good friends house in a nearby town. The plan was to dose him, his wife, myself and basically just have a night of music and fun. My friend had done lsd in the past and shrooms once. I was not aware he had never really "tripped" though. It was his wifes first time on fungus. My friend and I both dosed 4 grams on an empty stomach and his wife ate 3 with peanut butter and crackers. Within 20 minutes I was taking the familiar excting rocket ride to mushroom land. I could tell that my friend was right behind me. By the time everything was moving and changing colors, i could tell my friend wasnt comfy. He wasnt quite ready for what was happening to him. He said he wanted "normality" back and things just got worse from there. His wife was still not effected greatly at this time. He was going to try and go to bed and sleep the fungus off but i knew that wasnt going to happen. He tossed his shrooms into the toliet and laid on the bed. He seemed like he was in hell. He kept saying he wanted it to stop. I felt bad because i had to tell him it was gonna be a few hours. At this point his wife was maintaining really well, she was right there with him telling him he was ok. Also at this point i was pretty far gone. It was like being in a disney cartoon or something. There was color and nonsense EVERYWHERE! I loved it but was still worried about my pal. I tried telling him to just let go and stop trying to make sense of it all. Eventually he did just that, thats when he began to understand and have fun with it. We spent a few hours trippin out in his dark bedroom on the bed. I felt that him and his wife had some things they needed to talk about privately, so i went and watched some cartoons. Random note: Did you know that if you are tripping fairly hard, you can watch tv (especially cartoons) with the volume off and it appears as if the cartoon is playing about 3 times its normal speed? Happens to me anyways :) But anyways, then I went to the kitchen and danced a little. It was about 7 am at this point. Eventually i went back to the bedroom. My friend made some neat disciveries about himself and his life. His wife was FINALLY showing obvious signs of tripping at this point, but i dont know much about how she did. At about 8 they went to sleep but i was still kinda tripping and couldnt relax, so I played some guitar, played with legos and went home. The next day was amazing! I got together with them for some food and they were totally different than normal. Happpier and more talkative. But thats not all. After all of that, i met up with a female friend that I have had a thing for for some time and she ended up telling me that night that she liked me too. That just put a big happy colorful cap on what was the best 24 hours i have had for quite some time. I want to share this feeling (and this fungus) with the world. Peace everybody!!!

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