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true schizophrenia

This happened to me yesterday.

This happened to me yesterday. The last few days I was thinking permanently about me and my life, and was very disappointed about it.
Anyway, I ate approx. 6 grams of potent shrooms before I left my house at 4pm on saturday. I met two friends between some bushes near a bus station. It was now 30 min. after ingestion. I felt this certain feeling in my chest coming up very strong, my heart rate increased and I saw my chest bumping. I closed my eyes and there was this 3-d kaleidoscopic pattern moving around and changing colour. I also believed there were faces which were staring at me.
As I opened my eyes, I saw the branches of the bushes grow above my head. The sky was an enormous pattern, and it was changing colour all the time. I also couldn’t make out if it was clear daylight or if dusk was falling already. We decided to smoke a fat joint. It wasn’t calming me down, all the time there were words coming up my mind and a strong rush, which was amusing at some point. I was laughing really hard and couldn’t stop.
At half past 5 we decided to go to a park. I had really strong visions, everything was distorted, I wanted to cross a street and I thought it would be just two steps, but as I was crossing it, it became wider and it took about 20 steps to cross it.
All the sounds were much louder and had a multiple echo, it sounded like I was in a big room were the sounds came from all directions at the same time. All the people were freaking me out, they looked like they were cut out of some sheet of paper, I became paranoid that my mother would drive past us.
As we reached the park, my thoughts became much more distracting and confusing, I was very unsatisfied with me. As we were sitting there on a park bench I became very bored and started yawning all the time. I became much more unaware of the fact that I had eaten shrooms, that it was Saturday evening and of all the things I had done this day. It was like they happened in a dream, and now I woke up in a bizarre world. Soon there were three friends coming up the hill in the park. They had a bong and much weed. We smoked some bowls and I always thought I filled the bong half full and I was hitting it very hard, just felt like a drag from a joint, when one of the guys told me that it was a very big hit.
Now I was calming down, but everything became much more bizarre and unreal. We were meeting friends all the time and I couldn’t believe that they were all there in real, because they were so many.
At half past 6 I lost the two guys I started the afternoon with somewhere, so I went with the others to buy something to drink. On the way there I walked past people I walked past just minutes ago, and the pupils of them were just black and were floating towards me. Then I was crossing a street and a cop car was coming near the crossroads. I felt a flash through my body and just walked straight over the street.
I started a small conversation with one guy of us, and it seemed like it was from a movie, but it was very soothing. One the way back to the park, I came to the conclusion that I had become schizophrenic from all the shrooms I had done, but I didn’t realize it until now because I was schizophrenic and so I couldn’t realize reality. Everything seemed to confirm that I had become schizophrenic. Now everything made no sense, every thought was so paradox, everything seemed so paradox and unreal.
It did bother me but I just thought that it was funny to experience this reality without knowing anything. We came past a church and there were many people in front of it. I asked a guy of us what is happening there, and he replied that a friend of us died, and this was his funeral, he asked me why else me and another guy wore just black clothes. I accepted this and it made me believe more and more that I had gone insane.
We sat down on a bench near this church and now at half past 7 I started to come down a little. I accepted the fact that I had eaten shrooms though it seemed very unreal.
At 8pm we walked to a club which was about to open, and in front of it I met the two guys I had lost. I asked them if we had been between some bushes near a bus station earlier this afternoon. They just started laughing.
The whole night I was able to look through everybody. I knew why he or she does everything he or she does and understood their behaviour structures. I was lost in thought the whole night and smoked so much weed that I just wanted to go home.

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