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beside Myself

It was a warm summer night my third year of college at Shepherd in Shepherdstown WV.

It was a warm summer night my third year of college at Shepherd in Shepherdstown WV. My friend "Pauly" was coming over and I was going to suprise him with a quarter of cubensis that we could split between us. When He arrived I offered Him half of the shrooms. He declined having had a test to go to in the morning. Already stoked to trip I decided to go ahead and eat his share along with mine. AS I like to smoke during a trip I asked Pauley to take me to sheetz to get some cigarettes. While I sat in the car my trip began to manifest itself. My friend turned on the radio has he got back in the car and began searching for something to fit my condition. he decided on Nine inch nails. The trip home was more than just a car ride for me, I found myself being yanked out of the car by trees along the road that had become humanoid giants with huge stretching evergreen arms. The experience bordered on scary but I was able to bring myself back long enough to realize i was just tripping and that it would pass. When I got home my friend left for the dorms to sudy. i lay on my bed watching my once familiar room transform into another worldly landscape as vast as a montana horizon. Feeling parched i remembered a store of Mt dew that I had in my Dorm sized refrigerator that was in the opposite corner of the room from where I lay. i willed myself upright and started across the grey desert that was once my bedroom carpet. Having reached the halfway point my body was so tired form the journey that i wasnt sure if i should coninue on or turn back to the sanctuary of my camp(my waterbed)I turned back to where I had started to gauge the distance. When I did i noticed a figure lying where i had been. Indeed I was still lying there. What I saw was me lying there flat on my back as if asleep but my eyes still and lifeless. I never got my drink because i was so taken aback by the whole experience i went back and layed down on my body and waited untile i once again gained control of it. I found through the trip that i could leave my body and all I had to do was look in the direction of an object and i would teleport there. I could look at the top of a light pole and my perspective of the world would change as if I was standing on it. i felt the freedom that must be felt when your spirit is released from the prison of your body.

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