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Green Spirals

This was near one of the first times I used mushrooms.

This was near one of the first times I used mushrooms. I had 3.5 to 4 grams but I really could not tell you what spiecies of mushrooms. We had eaten the mushrooms with pizza earlier, and were outside having a ciggarette waiting for them to kick in. I was just starting to wonder if we were sold a faulty batch when I experience carpet vision with my face. My nose and cheek bones seemed to have streached out so that they were a stage and all the world was preforming on that stage. I was talking a great deal to one of my companions about what I was experienceing and as I spoke I came to the realization that I knew all the answers of the world, and everything revolved around "Green Spirals". The idea went like this (if you can follow it) A question led to another question which led to another question very much like the first but slightly different (and so slightly apart) and the whole thing when put in a visual example was a spiral - a "Green Spiral". So I decided that since I knew everything now and I would forget it all in the morning it was really important that I write it all down now. Writting was really, really hard but I concentrated and eventally got down what I thought was 4 page description of what I was feeling and seeing. I then went and lay down on the couch and soon realized that the couch was a portal to alternate realities. I would jump betwwen alternate realities, stopping in a few to see what they were like. In one I had to make a W.C. break and discovered that I had becoume "Lucy Lawless - as Xena Warrior Princess" and had to call over my friends to see. They were pretty amazed and started trying to figure out who they had become. I went back to the couch and soon began feeling joint pain which I equated to all the reality jumping I had been doing. One of mt companions picked up the esssay I had written earlier and was telling me how good it was and how we could make millions by selling it and how everyone was going to want to read it. I was trying to explain that it was written so that it could benifit the world and I would not be selling it but giving it away. The night's a blurr after that but I will mention that when I looked at the essay the next morning it was nearly totally incoherent it was a mass of half finished sentaces, but through out the hole thing repeated every few lines "Green Spirals" is mentioned often accompanied by diagrams.

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