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I sucked his penis!!

My boyfriend and I had our first trip together, and let me tell you it was the most awsome thing we have ever done.

My boyfriend and I had our first trip together, and let me tell you it was the most awsome thing we have ever done. We each ate three to four fresh shrooms dipped in honey,it tasted somewhat like an appetizer, not to bad actually. After about 30 minutes I got a rush and felt drunk and started laughing my ass off. We were hanging in the kitchen and all of a sudden, it wasnt our kitchen anymore. Everything was unfamiliar like we were in someone elses house. The walls and furtiture were shrinking, I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland,,,it was so kool!!! The blinds in the living room were breathing and my feet felt like I was walking in mud. I totally lost function of my hands, I couldnt feel them, it was a bitch trying to light a cigarette and get a drink of orange juice. After about another hour I was in a deep deep trip state. I kept asking my boyfriend,Who are you, who I am, what am I, am I real? At that point my feet left the ground and I was flying through the kitchen. I couldnt identify anything, I felt like a 2 year old with no knowledge. I didnt know what a table was. All night I kept saying is whats that, whats that, whats that? We went for a walk around our complex and got lost. Everything looked liked we were at Disney Land. The most awsome thing was the sky. I had never in my life seen so many stars. I thought I had gone to heaven, they twinkled so beautifully I was in awe. The sky looked like fireworks, the stars were falling rapidly, the clouds were out of this freaking world!!We sat on a bench to take in all the beauty and I kissed my boyfriend. His mouth and tongue melted in my mouth, we couldnt stop touching each other because our skin felt like melting rubber, my hands felt like they were melting into his body. Our lips were locked forever because it felt so good. It was kinda freaky kissing him cause I thought his tongue was going to melt off in my mouth. We finally made it home and by that point I was beyond reality. I sat on the couch and literally went to several different dimentions. I started crying because I was so happy to visit the spiritual world. I saw my boyfriend up there and I knew at that point, he was my soul mate. I was so happy I was laughing and crying at the same time. All I wanted to do was go back to that world. It was so peaceful and calm. I told D, boyfriend, I never want to return. I want to stay this way the rest of my life. Could it be possible that I visited another place in time? I felt like I had all of my brain capacity when I was in that world. I couldnt rest, I couldnt sit, I was so hyper I became exhausted. My brain was in overdrive. I was watching D and his face started to disfigure. I wasnt scared but I wanted to keep watching him. His ears grew long, his face changed into some strange monster looking thing. It freaked me out, but I knew I couldnt be scared because I loved that monster. We went into the bathroom to look at ourselves in the mirror. Fun!Fun!Fun! I sat on the toilet seat to take a rest and wanted to put Ds manly member in my mouth. I was so anxious to see what it felt like. He unzipped his pants and whipped it out. I wasnt sure what it was but It looked familiar so I put it in my mouth. Wow!! It actually melted in my mouth like,,,,I dont know what,,,,but I couldnt stop sucking him. He said it felt so incredible awsome, like his penis was melting in a good way. I felt like his penis became a part of my mouth, like when we were kissing earlier. Girls, you must try this at home with your man next time you trip. He will love you forever:)We wanted to have sex but by that point I didnt even know what sex was. I didnt know who I was or where I was,,,I kinda of got scared because I didnt think I was going to come out of this trip state. Time moved so slowly!!!! Ten minutes seemed like Ten hours. I swear the clock stopped at 10:10 pm. Everytime we looked at it, it didnt change. What the Fuck????? Did time stop? My mind was going through so many dimentions,,,it was freaking incredible!!!!! For our first experience, I have to say it was the most fun thing we have ever done. It beats any drug!!We look forward to doing it again really soon. Maybe our next trip will be even more intense,,,we cant wait!! By the way, we tape recorded out entire experience. I held that tape recorder most of the night and I didnt even know what I was holding. The little red light on the recorder scared the shit out of D and I. It was like a foreign object. Since my trip, I have never been happier. I look at life differently now and I am in a good mood all the time. What happened? I suffer from a chemical imbalance and take Prozac. Is it possible that the shrooms changed the chemicals in my brain back to normal???? This could be a cure for those who suffer like me:)

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